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04 Kawa 1-liter engine in an Kat? Or trade...

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  • 04 Kawa 1-liter engine in an Kat? Or trade...

    Have an aquaintence who totalled out his bike Saturday evening by trying to pass a teenager who promptly turned left into an "Exit only" bank parking lot, inducing the motorcycle to smash into his car. Needless to say, the bike is pretty much totalled (trashed are: forks, front rim, front tire, triple trees, exhaust header #3 -- taken out by the wheel, speedo & windshield, gas tank, upper fairing, handlebars). I asked him to ask the insurance company what the buy-back was, and if it's reasonable, I've offered to take it (the rear end is still good, as is the engine). I doubt I could bolt it into the Kat, but just maybe... more likely, I was thinking perhaps someone here knows someone who would trade me a Kawasaki 1K motor with 4k on the odo and in great shape except for the header for a Bandit 1200 engine in good shape...

    =-= The Cyberoet

    PS - just won a Kat 750 oil cooler off ebay -- will install on the 600 soon
    Remember The CyberPoet