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  • Honda's come ride with us

    so on friday i headed to my friends parents shop in orillia to hit up the honda come ride with us event. i figured hey i'll go try out the f4i and the cbr600rr. so i ride the f4i. it was a decent ride, much smoother than my kat but still it was about the same as the kat. then i got on the rr. that is by far the greatest piece of machinery i have ever driven. it was super fast (160 in second) it has great handling and i found it more comfortable than the kat. i rode two consecutive 40 minute rides and found the rr to be more comfortable than my kat. noone could really believe it and niether could i. but for some reason it was way more comfortable for my body style. anyways as much as i like the kat, it will be departing probably soon for the rr.

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    Re: Honda's come ride with us

    Originally posted by furitive_revolution
    so i ride the f4i. it was a decent ride, much smoother than my kat but still it was about the same as the kat.
    i hope you mean in terms of ergonomic's that f4i would KILL ANY 600 or 750 kat nad prob a stock 1100 (not lous though) i rode one a 02 about a month ago and the thing was awesome, hard seat stiffer ride, but power the fuel injection is agreat advantage on the newer bikes. ...


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      The RR is an awesome ride, and yeah it'll smoke your kat. The power to weight ratio is the key, since its so much lighter and the engine is state of the art technology. and the Torque they have on the RR's is awesome.

      I like the F4i myself becuase its more along the lines of a kat, the ergos are similar, a MUCH more comfortable seat, yet still more than enough useable power to have fun.


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        I hear you but be prepared to cry when you see the change in your insurance rates!!!!!!


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          that "change" will be about $50 if i remember correctly. checked it out the other day. and that change is mainly because of the newer year than my kat is. should be good


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            I thought you were absolutely on crack until I saw you were in Canada and the 160 was KPH not MPH.

            Yeah, the F4i is an awesome bike, as is the 600RR. I'd love an RR as a track bike...


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              Speaking of the f4i, I wonder how long they'll keep making it considering how well the RR is doing? Since they are 2 different bikes, they may try to market the f4i as more of a sport tourer, atleast more so than they are now.


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                haha 160mph in second..could you just imagine top speed? shit.. anyways yeah the f4i i think they will keep on producin as more of a toned down sport bike kinda like the kat..but more sporty.