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What I fixed, what needs fixing :((

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  • wittymonkey
    started a topic What I fixed, what needs fixing :((

    What I fixed, what needs fixing :((

    This april I fixed this on my bike ( see also : )

    - New rear tire,
    - new rear brake pads
    - chain
    - front and rear sprockets
    - battery
    - spark plugs
    - carburator clean
    - oil & air filters
    - left fork seal
    - the 2 mirrors
    - the windshield
    - clutch handle
    - and right fairing.

    What needs fixing :

    - front tire ( getting old)
    - front disks ( 3.8mm think instead of 4 minimum)
    - maybe right fork seal
    - maybe the 1th cylinder ( the left one is the 1st isn't it ?) head gasket because of a messy oil leak...
    - and the left fairing

    Everything else works

    Is anybody selling a front wheel with a good tire and disks ? That would save me some money !

    Do I ride it too hard or is it just too old ? 17 years old.... last season was ok, all I did on it was to change the clutch cable and the front brakes. Is 16 000 too much ? I don't think so neither. But I have no money for an other bike so I hope this one will keep working

    I'll keep riding,


  • floxera
    Re: What I fixed, what needs fixing (

    Originally posted by wittymonkey
    ....Do I ride it too hard or is it just too old ? 17 years old....
    How hard could you be riding through the streets of Boston? There's a red light every 30 yards. I've had the same type of problems with my '92 kat. I've chalked it up to catching up on years of negelect by previous owners.

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  • wittymonkey
    Thanks , I do need encouragements. I hope it's cheap because it's not the right moment for the expensive stuff.
    I will check the VIN too.


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  • crazkene13
    Pull off your fairing where the oil leak is and clean your engine really well, make sure to get way down in the fins. Then post a pic of your leak or find where its coming from and show us with a stock photo, you may just have a valve cover leak which is cheap, fairly easy and a good way to learn whats going on in your top end. You also may have an oil cooler leak that is blowing back onto the bike from the wind through the fairing so clean everything real good and make sure you spot the leak.
    You may have a 90 kat judging by the wheels check your 10th VIN

    GSX600F KATANA 1988 (J)

    GSX600F KATANA 1989 (K)

    GSX600F KATANA 1990 (L)

    GSX600F KATANA 1991 (M)

    GSX600F KATANA 1992 (N)

    GSX600F KATANA 1993 (P)

    GSX600F KATANA 1994 (R)

    GSX600F KATANA 1995 (S)

    GSX600F KATANA 1996 (T)

    GSX600F KATANA 1997 (V)

    GSX600F KATANA 1998 (W)

    GSX600F KATANA 1999 (X)

    GSX600F KATANA 2000 (Y)

    GSX600F KATANA 2001 (K1)

    GSX600F KATANA 2002 (K2)

    GSX600F KATANA 2003 (K3)

    GSX600F KATANA 2004 (K4)

    Sounds like youve got quite a bit into this bike, stick with it its a great way to learn alot.

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