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I spend more time fixing than riding :((

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  • I spend more time fixing than riding :((

    Hi guys,

    I just came back from a 6h ride this morning ( took advantage of the nice weather around Boston for a change , left at 7:30 came back around 1:30). All the cops where busy with the parades ... had some really good time out there BUT :

    1)Yesterday a friend of mine helped me fixing the right fairing , and today I juste realized the left one started craking... needs fixing. (It's an 89 bike, dropped a couple of time from standing still...) (

    2) After we put the right fairing back yesterday I didn't realized untill today but it looks like the right blinker doesn't blink any more. When I turn it on it stays on without blinking : Any suggestions ? I put the wires back of course. No idea where this could come from.

    3) We did a compression test yesterday and I got about 175 psi from all 4 cylinders. Nice isn't it for an 89 Kat 600 with 16000 miles ? BUT There is an oil leak from the front left part of the engine. My friend said it must very likely be the head gasket ( the oil line isn't leaking). When I ride in town the leak is absent or at least tiny for I don't see it. But when I go riding a little faster/harder I get oil on the entire left side of the engine,my left boot and leather pant and preatty much eveywhere on the left side. (And it also smells like gas a little bit but I don't know if it's related).

    So the question is :

    Should I put something in the gas to remove the carbon deposit in the cylinders or to fix the leak ? You know they sell all these leak fixing in car shops... and/or carbon remover . How hard is it to fix a head gasket? I think the Kat is losing about 1/8 of a oil quarter for each day of hard riding ( 4-6 hours of riding at 50-60 miles per hour ....). The performance doesn't look like it's affected, it's just messy !

    And now that I keep complayning last but not least : I also lost a fairing screw I'll put this one back though.

    I hope you had fun too today,

    Thank for the advices,


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    Stop riding now!

    Hey Monk;
    Stop riding NOW!
    If your leaking an 1/8 of a quart during a hard ride, it's gonna get even harder when you get some of that on your rear tire.

    It's not a case of if, but how soon.

    If you aren't sure what your doing in order to repair it, have a qualified tech look at it.

    Listen, after riding on the street for over 25 years I've seen too many needless injuries due to good intentions. Trying to save a few bucks now might cause you to loose your life later.
    "Speed Junkie Since 1975"


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      Oops, didn't thought about that Looks like it really needs fixing I'm in deep s**t !


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        BTW , you can see pictures of the bike here :


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          The only techs over here are from Greater Boston Motorsports ( or other shops owned by the same company) and I will not trust them for an oil change !! The Shop in Union Square Somverille ( River Side Kawasaki ) doesn't work on Suzukis , I keep going there and they just keep kicking me out.



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            Dude a head gasket is no big deal..
            Though you are breaking the cam chain.
            Take your time and all will be well...

            While in there you can remove the carbon..
            But only from the piston tops and the head..


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              What? You don't have to break a cam chain to do the head gasket. Who the hell said that? You can just drop it donthe valley and get it later or tie a string to it and keep hold of it that way. BTW, I HAVE had the head of both the Katana AND the Bandit. No need to break the chain in any way.

              Head gasket, head stud o-rings, and oil drain back tube o-rings. Closely inspect the valve cover and sprak plug tower gaskets also, but probably be able to reuse those. You will have to drop the engine down some to get the head off since the head will not clear the frame rails, but I have a trick for that too. PM me or drop an email if you want details.

              MSgt, USMC (Retired)


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                hey if you leave the leak you will never have to change the oil it dies it automaticly just keep a supply of filters . just kidding


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                  Ok, I cleaned the engine last night really well. I will check it for leaks now. I hope I will be able to see where it really comes from. I will probably also post some picture to ask you guys what you think about it.

                  (I also fixed the fairing , it's preatty easy in fact )

                  Thanks a lot,