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Who has the longest ride?

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  • Who has the longest ride?

    I just got home from a great ride and if anyone is in the midwest you should definatly check it out.
    Day 1- Dayton, OH to Pigeon Forge TN
    Day 2- Pigeon Forge thru Deals gap to Greenville SC
    Day 3- Greenville SC to Myrtle Beach SC
    Day 4- Stayed in Myrtle Beach, too hung over to ride
    Day 5- Myrtle Beach to Raleigh NC
    Day 6- Raleigh to Columbia VA
    Day 7- Columbia to Dayton OH

    The only days that were hard was the first and last we were supposed to stop in West Virgina but weather forced us to get home. Im just wondering whats the longest distance anyone has put on a Kat in a day. My longest for this trip was 385 miles on the first day.
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    Not to come out as a smartass, but

    Sounds like great fun! Hopefully I'll do the round trip through northern Germany, Poland, the Baltic states, Finland, Åland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands this summer... about 4000 km all in all. It will be spread out in two longer trips though.
    - Samuel

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      I just posted that link up the same time u did samuel..

      no worries, we'll just lock this one down and redirect it there.