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My pride and joy has been diminished.

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  • My pride and joy has been diminished.

    So I bought my Katana last year, first bike, had the time of my life going on long distance rides. Now I want to do the same but am stuck with bills to pay. I keep fixing her and fixing her. New brakes, new fork oil, valve adjustment, new oil/filter, new rear tire, new chain and sprockets, cleaned enough to be eaten off, newer stock exhaust, new stock air filter, new battery, and then all the small things I can't think of that I had done. I have idling problems that kills the fun, and I know its either my carbs need cleaning or the rectifier has to be replaced. The voltage is reading 15.3V and its suppose to be around 14 - 14.5 if I remeber correctly. New battery didn't fix it. Then considering my bike is 16 years old, I am positive my rear shock need to upgraded. This summer I am going to be living in the city so I can feel bad using the shock I have. So after doing everything I have done to this point I am questioning what to do, sell or fix? What would you do? Right now I want to fix but then there is this question I am posing. Any thought from anyone would be great.

    1989 Suzuki Katana 750

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    I have found that motorcycling is not a cheap hobby (sport). But I will not part with my Kat even if I have to work 2 jobs.


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      Yes, our beloved lifestyle can be a costly one, either by our own doing, w/ mods, or by just needed maint. or repairs. Consider the benefits of riding a bike in the city. easier to maneuver in traffic, can fit in smaller parking spaces, less gas, fun to ride... as long as you have a place to store it where it's safe.. I'd highly consider getting the carbs cleaned out. I had similar idling/running problems and my carbs were fouled and plugs needed replaced.. after that, it's been fine ever since.

      If it's not going to literally put you out on the street..the benefits of fixing it are very big. BUT, everybody has to decide for themselves and only you know if you can afford to keep riding it and fix it if it needs repaired in the future too.


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        The real question is how much do you enjoy the tinker factor? If the answer is not at all, then sell it and buy one that's two to three years old, and keep replacing it every two to three years (this will keep maintenance to a minimum -- and the initial investment reasonable).

        If you enjoy the tinker factor, tinker your little heart out.

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          What it sounds like to me is that the idle problem is your biggest issue. Tires, chains, sprockets, batteries, oil changes........... All that is just maintenance and upkeep. Try to support all my bikes

          I strongly suggest you get the carbs gone through and I firmly believe that once running properly, the rest of the issues tend to disappear. I also think that simply installing new o-rings in the float assemblies, checking the float height, and checking servicability of the float valves will solve most of your idle problems.

          My Kat also charges at a high rate, but I don't worry about it. I just run cheapo batteries in it in case they get overcharged.

          Question is: Can you afford a new bike? If so, go ahead if you are tired of wrenching on the one you have, go for it. If you are tight on cash and enjoy working on stuff, keep it. Keep this in mind though, chains, tires, sprockets, air filters, oil.............. It will STILL be that way with a new bike.
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            I definately cannot afford a new bike. I am having a hard time to keep this one. I looked up the prices for the parts Black_peter told me to get if I clean my carbs and it comes out to $400. Does that sound too high? Check out the mechanics forum under Where Can I get O-rings...
            1989 Suzuki Katana 750


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              $400 just for carb PARTS ? You can get a whole SET of carbs from special K for HALF that ! Sounds like you just need some help or something ...
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                Maybe Corey (UFO8MyCow) would be willing to clean and rebuild them for you for a decent price. Send him a PM and see. He has all the parts you should need (O-Ring wise and what not). The only thing he would not be able to do is Sync them (They need to be on the bike for that).
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                  That is a crock. The only thing you would have a hard time getting hold of is diaphrams if those have deteriorated and have holes.

                  I bought 4 packs of various size o-rings at Auto Zone when I replaced mine. Cost about $8 bucks.

                  In reality, there are only a few parts that will wear out in there. The float valves, slider diaphrams, and o-rings.
                  MSgt, USMC (Retired)


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                    You can get a different used bike every 3-4 years and never really get too deep into repairs and insurance as long as you stick to 5-10 year old basic bikes like Kats or Bandits.