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    Alright, so I want to go from my college home town (Kirksville, MO) to St. Louis MO, and I don't want to take the two major highways I normally do (strait, flat, and loaded with police). I was wondering if anyone knew any mapquest'esque sites that will allow you to look for scenic routes. I was thinking about just getting a map, but I don't want to end up on a gravel road.

    Any suggestions?


  • #2 should definately check out the top of the window you can enter an address/region/area.......then it lets you do the usual zoom in and out with the buttons on the left......but the awesome feature is near the top right corner called on that and it shows the area you are looking at in a satellite image......if you zoom in full you can actually pick out cars on the street and buildings......the satellite image is high quality for more populated areas and not so good for rural......give it a try


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      Okay youre coming a long way but your are in luck:

      Here is what you could do:......

      You have to Get first to Quincy.......(its east to you)

      From Quincy take 172 (south i think.....towards St.Louis)

      Go on to 72....(East....or South am not sure..... I know its a highway but just bear with me)

      On 72 you will hit the Scenic Highway 100 (South goes to Alton IL via the Pere Marquette State of the most awsome rides...check a thread I put up recently its got pics).....KEEP ON 100 till you reach the Lewis Clark Parkway on Illinois MO border (also the 67 South).....come into MO and youre about 10 minutes away from downtown.

      This is by far the most doable route for you and the 100 runs across and along the two rivers for like at least a 100 miles.......and you could camp in the state park for fun if you wanna break the journey. When yu get to ST. Louis maybe we could get in touch and go for a ride.....I am in the Creve Coure Area......

      Lemme know if you need more directions.......have fun


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        the google maps beta feature is awesome!! very indepth and accurate from what i have seen


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          Sounds good Kul. My email is

          I live in north county (Florrisant/St. Ann/ Overland) area. Near Lambert, if you arent familar with the arrea.
          Give me a holla.


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            I use the Microsoft Streets and Trips software that came bundled with the PC. It is very user friendly and can do more stuff than the online maps. It can tell you if there is any road construction on your route and lists hotels, restaraunts and such.

            I also just picked up a paper map from Sheetz the other day. It is laminated and looks like it will last a long time. Water won't hurt it and it will fold both ways along the seams and still stay flat.
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