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Can I gut my RS-3 Slip-on?

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  • Can I gut my RS-3 Slip-on?

    Well, being that I am a cheap-ass, and like trying options before actually handing out hard-earned cash for new parts.....
    can I drill out the rivets on the can and remove the silencer/perforated tube and fiberglass?

    I ran my bike with an open header for about 2 hours and LOVED the sound.
    My only questions....
    1. would this have sufficient backpressure?
    2. could any valve damage be caused by this?

    If anyone has done this, or is interested....I am pretty sure I will follow through with this before swapping out to a D&D. I just loved the sound of that open header......also it got TONS of looks.

    Thanks guys-Eric
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    BTW, currently I have a Yoshi RS-3 Stainless slip-on
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      I don't think it's a fantastic idea, but at the least, you'd need to rejet and buy a set of earplugs
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        rs-3 is already raspy as hell (but i love mine...) I think gutting it would only amplify that and you would end up sounding more like a POS ricer honda...just my .02


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          A D&D will sound damn near like a open header, but alittle tone to it, plus you wont need to jet it. If you run open headers, with out jetting it, you are asking for problems....

          + everyone within 2 miles of you will wanna run you down!
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            Definately, if u like the loud, screaming type of sound at higher rpm's..and well, basically a loud exhaust in general, save urself the hassle and just go for the D&D


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              Just ease off the throttle when you go by the cops!
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                yeah.. be considerate of housing areas and neighborhoods when riding w/ loud exhaust.. there's nothing people hate more than a bike riding by at 11pm or late and ratting the windows and waking up the kids. all we need is another reason for them to call the cops and keep up adding to the already poor public perception of us.


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                  LOL. I promise to be curtious (crosses fingers behind back)

                  I have started my gutting!!!!

                  I will post pics tonite, just need rivets to put it back together.....(evil grin appears on face)
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