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Why do we mod our bikes?

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  • Why do we mod our bikes?

    Simple enough question right? What makes mod'n our bikes so addicting that once you do your first mod, you just cant stop ? Maybe its just the love of working on your machine and the sense of accomplishment you get from doing it on your own.. or maybe its wanting to have a top quality show bike or track bike.. maybe its just peer pressure cuz everybody else is doing it, and that unsightly shovel just needs to go or maybe ur just bored and looking for something to keep urself occupied.

    I know for me, I caught the mod bug from rockadous, spedee, and beek. Even before I got my Kat, I was looking at some pictures of the work they've done so far and what they wanted to do in the future,and that was it for me, I started out w/ dragon decals and the mesh mod and its all down hill from there I still have alot to do, and as time and money permits, I keep on working, one thing at a time.

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    see, i'm at the point where i just want to do stuff to go faster. i have a dang liter bike, and yet i need more. does that make sense? naahh....but it sure is fun. engine stuff is soooo much more expensive than cosmetics, so my mods happen much more slowly than everyone elses.
    if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.


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      I think its the want or need to be different...we all want that unique look...any one can ride a stock easy...go to the dealer and pic one up...but you want it to be your own creation...though we don't want to build it from scratch because, lets face it, we don't have the money to do instead we take a stock bike and modify it so it represents us, our personality and then the bike becomes something more than a mode of transportation...just my $.02...
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        I agree with Jax,for me it's to be different to the heard,i like to build specials now and then because its a challenge,use your creativity,anything is possible.Don't get me wrong i work within a budget,like most people though,if money was no object,the sky would have no limits.
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          I do it to stay off drugs.


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            well duh im sticker boy i love stickers


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              It's really a simple answer. Just like why a dog licks his balls - Because he can! Same with doing mods! I've never seen anything that I didn't see something that I'd like to change.


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                In my case, for the real world...

                This is my 4th year of Kat ownership, two Kats so far, and up til now, every single mod (except one) that I've actually gotten around to installing has been to address some real world issue I wanted improved... from seating position (Corbin) to stowage (Givi), from better brakes (HH pads, SS lines, better brake fluids) to better power (various brands of JetKits), from touring/convenience mods (oil drain valve, speed bleeders, ThrottleMeister, oil temp gauge & sender) to wet-weather & all-weather handling (Metzeler tires). I think the only "solely" bling mod has been the blue windsheild.

                I've got a large number of bling-bling upgrades sitting in the upgrade box, but I just never seem to get around to installing them... This is also the first year that I really have reached the point that I might start focusing on the Bling-Bling mods -- because I'm starting to feel that I tapped out the real world need mods that I can do unless I swap to a bigger motor (my suspension doesn't need improvement yet -- maybe because the bike is still new enough).

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                  A couple months ago, I asked my wife what she thought about buying a Bandit 600 that had a Kat 750 engine in it and a TON of suspension mods. My thought was to swap the motor and suspension bits over and then sell the Bandit for close to what I paid. Her response was not what I expected but was close to hysterical anger.

                  "Why do you want to make that bike any faster than it is? You ALWAYS feel like you have to make it faster, but WHY? You HAVE a 1200. you HAVE a 1000. You HAVE a 450hp Camaro. WHY can't you just leave her alone now and enjoy her the way she is and how you have built her?"

                  That made me sit down and think a bit. Why did I want a 750 engine in the Kat? Well, why the hell not?

                  In the end I decided to leave the bike alone. I have done enough to her and have made her into a show winning bike that has been proven a couple times. I intend to see if I can get 100k miles with the 600 motor while being entered periodicaly in shows.

                  I just enjoy working on things, be it my bikes, my Camaro (Which is my next long term project), or whatever. Gotta keep busy doing something and since she is not willing to have sex around the clock, I think I'll go to my garage.

                  I still gotta get that swingarm powder coated and mounted up when I get home though
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                    What I do is usually to increase the all-around usability of the bike . First there's the "getting it to run right" mods (was running crappy pretty much from day one) . Then there's the "I need to carry stuff" mods . Then there's the "tryin to repair crash damge" mods ... The list goes on and on ! I'm thinking of making it look prettier one day , but that will happen little by little , as when it's nice enough to mess with the bike outside , I'd MUCH rather RIDE the thing !
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                      We mod cuz we're never happy with what we have.

                      We constantly need something better than what we had yesterday.
                      We mod, not because we can, but because WE HAVE TO.

                      "That new mod looks great... but if I changed this too it would look even better!"

                      It's a personality trait that aftermarket companies thrive on.

                      It's just human nature.


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                        I agree totally Junior!
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                          It's a hobby of mine


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                            the main reason i mod is 'cause i like making something, in my opinion, better than it was when i got it. and i get the satisfaction of knowing that i took something from state A and made it run as good as the now state B. noticing the difference in performance and knowing that "I" was the one who changed it that way is a great feeling. aside from money, that's the reason i choose to do the work myself. as for cosmetic mods, i haven't really done any of those on the kat so i'll have to get back to ya' on that one.. lol

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                              If its a mod for show it better be cheep. Or I wont spend it.

                              All my work is fore more power and acceleration. There fore it costs a fortune.
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