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Awesome Ride This Weekend-PICS

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  • Awesome Ride This Weekend-PICS

    So this Staurday geared up....packed a saddleback with gatorade and chips and was off for a long haul on the scenic byways of the rivers Missouri and Illinois. Route 100 that runs along the north Missouri border (part of the historic Lewis Clark Expedition) is THE BEST place to ride your bike in this part of the country. I am pretty sure anyone within a iron butt's length of this place has been here but if you guys who happen to pass near St. Louis.....make sure you go by roite 100 all the way to Pere state park and back to Alton Illinois. The pics are few but there was so much riding to do that time for pics was less. 113 miles round trip....about 2 1/2 hours with stopovers and breathtaking countryside. Met about a 100 harley riders....couple of yamahas, katana.....and one very idiotic squid. Thought of sharing this with you guys.
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    More Pics of the trusty steed and the navigation set upI had mentioned earlier in some post.
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      nice bike looks good and i love that sunrise, i wanna ride sooo bad


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        Go Pre 8's !!!


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          Wow, great pics thanks for sharing. Your bike looks great.
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            Great pics.
            Looks like a nice relaxing ride.
            Thanks for sharing.

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              BEAUTIFUL pics! Looks like you had an awsome day to ride. I LOVE the sunset...

              Watching the sun come up and go down is one of my favorite parts of the day. *Sighs*

              I'm a whole lotta woman, but a whole lotta fun!


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                Thats awesome... just another reason why riding on 2 wheels is the best way to travel !