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Is license plate light mandatory?

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  • Is license plate light mandatory?

    I am going to install some smaller rear turn signals and a carbon fiber look license frame. I would like to remove the light to raise up the plate.
    I dont know if I need to keep the light or not. If so I will have to modify my plan. Anyone ever get hassled or ticketed for not having the light in place???? I thought those fender eliminator kits did away with the lights as well. Any input is appreciiated.

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    I once got a "warning" (coulda given me a ticket) for having a neon light on my car as the licence plate light (he said that it's illegal if there's no light - and the light has to be a white light).
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      It varies state by state.

      You can always go to and get a LED setup with white lights to light up your Lic. Plate. It would be easy and cheap.
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        Up here in Ontario it has to have a light on it and be clearing visible from behind.

        Have you thought of just adding a LED or two aimed onto the plate? or those new LED nuts that shine on the plate?


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          same here....need to have a light on the plate. i got a 48hr to fix my burnt out bulb a couple of years ago.
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            It is in Massachusetts...I once got pulled over in my car because the plate light was out.
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              Most states require there be a light on your plate.

              I have two red led license plate bolts as my plate lights. It reflects enough off the plastic to see the plate.


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                I know in RI you have to have it. AND the plate is supposed to be visible from 50 feet
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                  i just posted a diy fender eliminator last month - it shows how i reused the stock light.



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                    Summit Racing part# DEI-030302 looks like a cool solution for about $20.

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                      In Quebec, the law is made in such a way that motorcycles are excluded from the list of vehicules that require a license plate light.

                      Article 215 of the "CSR" (code de la securité routiere) states that "all vehicules other than motorcycles" and #10 of the requirements is license plate lights.

                      Well, that being said, it doesn't mean the cop won't give you a ticket for it, just means you can fight it...



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                        in ca the law states that a rear plate light is req'd and visible from 50'. I don't write fix-it tickets but I use it as P.C to check for other violations.
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                          NC says its Mandatory, as do most states.

                          My Highway Patrol bud here says if you don't have one, its sorta like an invitation to pull you over and see what else they can find!

                          I always use the plug and bulb from inside the unit itself and just drill a hole in the rear of the fender once I clip it off............and install a CREESE bracket with DOT mini-stalks................
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                            AS long as your plate is lit up somehow, thats what popo's around here care about.. even if its just w/ the tail light, Ive not heard of any getting pulled over, and have seen enuff sportbikes w/ out plate lights riding around.