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well a friend went down tonight.

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  • well a friend went down tonight.

    Today my brother in law came down from washington to see family and stuff. Weather was real nice after yesterday having thunder and lightning with tornados , yes several touched down in CALIFORNIA hehe. Anyway he has a a 2001 R6 , first bike, all day we had been riding fine. AFter 1200miles he has put on his bike he still has problems starting off well, stalls alot. He has done a few wheelies but all accidental. I rode the bike for awhile and all i will say is i dont like it at all.

    So tonight im at my sister in laws house..and we get a call that he crashed the bike, but is ok. So he comes home with rash on the knees and side of his stomach. He was wearing jeans , leather alpine jacket and alpine gloves. Hardly any marks on any of it which seemed weird. No marks on helmet.

    So he tells us that his bike lost traction on gravel or sand in the road, in a turn, in a construction zone.Rear wheel came out from under him and wham then slid for about 100ft. Doing 40mph. So lucky for him he wasnt hurt more

    He left the bike there and got a ride home since the front wheel wouldnt roll. Me and 2 friends take a truck to pick up the bike while he drove himself to hospital.His knees were numb and swollen.

    We get to the location and notice that, uh , well there was no turn. No gravel. No Construction zone. hmmmm. What there was , was a 120ft wet mark in the road with a pool of oil at the end about 800ft from the stop light. The road went for about 2miles and was straight after the light.

    A 4inch by 3inch hole was ground thru the engine cover.Very end of swing arm was ground down considerably too.Footpeg bent but hardly any paint or plastic dmg.Maybe a few surface scractes ( NO SLIDERS) With all this new info , of course , we know that his explanation is NOT what happened.

    So unless he tells us what happened , all we can guess is , something stupid like a wheelie or tried goign really fast and got into a wobble. Maybe he panicked and hit front brake too hard. When i rode it the brake was WAAAY to sensative.I mean i barely engaged it by 1/2inch and it stopped to quick for me. Very easy to do stoppies with.

    So hopefully lessoned learn for him about getting something too fast for the first time. Of course people will say everyone is different. I bought my katana not at all cause it was my first bike and was recommended, but because it was comfortable fast yet heavy and easier to not OVER CONTROL. It was only 3months after i got my bike did i join a few forums for bikes and find out that the kat was good for beginners. I doubt i will ever sell it for another sport bike. I do however want a 1100 Honda Shadow
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    This is why people should not start out on 100 hp twitchy bikes. Sad... Guess he learned the hard way...


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      Definately sounds like it could have been a tank slapper. The gravel and turn in the road story also sounds like he was covering up for mistake of riding way to hard and not able to handle his bike, so to save himself embarrassment, lectures, and probably even worse punishements from the ones who know him and love him, he makes part of the story up.

      Either way, yes it was definately a hard lesson to more ways than one.


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        Sorry to hear about your cousin, and the bike.

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          i rode my friend's 05 r6, and it was WAY too twitchy for me. you had to feather everything. i do not like race bikes at all. there is no need to have brakes that massive on a street bike.
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            I'm glad nobody was seriously hurt, and I'm sure the lesson has been learned (at least I hope). Best lessons on a bike will hurt a little and cost some money, that way the rider WON'T forget and won't get seriously hurt. I recently had a friend who dropped his Honda Nighthawk in a turn, he negotiated it wrong and didn't leave any room for play. He wasn't wearing a helmet either, so he had some road rash on his face. He's doing fine now, and the bike is getting fixed (bout $300 later). He's really come to appreciate his helmet now which is good because he wants to trade his nighthawk in for a sport bike.
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