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LED instrument lights installed (blurry pic)

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  • LED instrument lights installed (blurry pic)

    Okay. First of can be done. You must buy them with the bases off of
    You can only replace the (4)four instrument lights.....the lights and sockets for the neutral light, oil, high beam, and both signal indicators are an even SMALLER socket and bulb (not by much) but the LED socket will not fit in it. Beleive me I tried....and I tried to modify them to fit the stock socket, I had no luck.

    I do have to say....its an extremely easy mod. I did mine in 1 hour and this was the first time I took the fairings very easy. It can be done with taking only one fairing off too....

    I chose blue LED's looks nice with my other blue LED mods.

    Sorry it's blurry, didn't have the tripod nearby.

    Remember this is only 4 bulbs....its all that is lighting the the fuel/clock/logo is a lil dim (also blue is a poor output color)

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    Do you have the ability of turning off the LED under the tail?
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      Its hard to tell thru the pic, but it looks like u a great job!!

      I wouldnt think you'd really need to replace the stock high beam, oil, neutral, and signal indicators anyways, they seem pretty sufficient as is against the blue.


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        how many bulbs are in the instrument cluster?
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          wow its looks great, I have wanted to swap out my light with blue l.e.d.'s, but i remember someone saying that the blue color wasn't bright enough for them to see too well at night, those look more than bright enough to me.


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            I would have to's brighter than the stock white bulbs.....but still pretty dim under city lights.....

            I would recommend if you want something REALLY bright get white or Ultra Violet replacment LED's

            I have 5 white I am doing nothing with.....
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              So, you replaced just the white backround lights with the blue led's with bases? And you were not able to fit the new bases in the neutral, oil, highbeam, or turn signals?

              Looks Good. I have some of there LED's sitting at home. I need the bases though. Sounds like I can return them, and get the correct ones.
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