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Has anyone taken off the lower plastic?

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  • Has anyone taken off the lower plastic?

    ( 2005 Katana 600 ) - Has anyone taken off the lower front plastic, that covers the exhaust pipes? I'm seriously thinking about doing it (looks / weight savings) but would like to know if there are any downsides/side effects. TIA

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    I think most of us actually like the look of the lower cowl. As far as weight savings....maybe 2-4lbs....

    Possibly some drag issues with the air-flow...but not enought to notice probably....might even add a couple sec's at the track (if u were interested) because the air-flow is disrupted. So that might counter your weight reduction.
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      No side effects other than looking like ass. Makes getting to the oil filter easy though.
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        I've had it off a few times when I had to run to the store to grab something for a repair... If it's raining, your engine will get more crud from the road. At triple-digit speeds, the upper fairing will be less stable. Other than that, no changes that I noticed.

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          Even when your bike is just sitting there at an idle, if the lower fairings are off, you can notice a shimmy or vibrations of the main fairings, because they are just hanging there, so to speak.


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            If you do decide to remove it make sure you remove the lower fairing bolt clips on the bottom of the upper fairing. They do move around a bit and no doubt would fall off in no time if you road around with the bottom fairing off. And of course if you change your mond, you'll need them to put the lower back on.

            Have you thought about shaving the lower fairing down instead of removing it? I'm pretty sure someone of KP shaved thier lower down a bit on a pre 98. Changed the look slightly, but left the reinforcement for the upper fairings in place.


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              Def. needed for the support of the upper fairing. It would probably be wise to leave it on.
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                Thanks, all. You rock.

                I kind of prefer the "naked bike" look; but given the advice, I've decided to leave it on. 8)