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Where can i find frame sliders like the sticky shows?

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  • Where can i find frame sliders like the sticky shows?

    Anyone know where I can find flat ended frame sliders like the ones shown in the Frame Slider sticky? I really want add these.....just in case. But every one I find has an extension that usually is meant to fit into a hole, slot, frame .....

    I searched some of Dennis Kirk.....checked local bike shops....ebay... all no go's.

    Any clues?

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    You have to order frame sliders fro a different bike, and mount them up yourself by either making a custom bracket, or drilling the frame.

    I can't remember what type of sliders people have been buying. I think I remember something about Honda or Yamaha. I realy can't remember. Just look for a slider you like, and make sure that both sides are of equal length.
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      I understand I have to drill the frame....but most of the sliders I have found use a piece that fits into an existing hole in the frame....

      ah nevermind.

      I can mod it. I will have sliders...just you wait.
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        get a slider that has the same lenght (like from a newer F4i or maybe a CBR) just as lonh as the lenght is the same, your good to go. hope this helps!
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          I used a set of Vortex sliders for a Honda F4i. Look the the pics under my ride profile.


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            I've had good luck epoxying skateboard wheels to my fairings in the past.
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