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Just got back from test riding an R1 today

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  • Just got back from test riding an R1 today

    Since I had off today,and crunchie was going over to hang out w/ her dad, and help him w/ yard work, and stuff..and since today was just a great day to ride weather wise, I took advantage of it. I rode Harrisburg PA, (the capital) thru all the back twisties, just having a great time. And after riding for about 3 hours, I decided to take spin to the local dealer I usually go to for parts and whatnot, and take a look at the bikes they had.

    I picked up some belray chain lube, and noticed a black R1, 2005, sitting in the parking lot. I was talking to one of the salesman about it. After shootin the bull for a few minutes about the bike, and other liter bikes they had there ( 1000RR, GSXR1000) and also talking about my Kat (which oddly enough, he had nothing bad to say about it ) Cuz you know how salesman can be, as evidence by the other thread put up here a few days ago. Oh, BTW, he said he's heard nothing about Suzuki discontinuing the Kat for 2006 .. Anyhow, a few more minutes passed by and he goes, "so you lookin to buy a new bike anytime soon?" .. I said well ya never know, I really love the Kat, it does everything well, but when I do, I'll be going w/ a liter bike, and had my heart set on a 1000RR. They only had 2 RR's there, which were both sold, and just not picked up yet, so he goes, have u ever ridden an R1 ? I said no, but Ive heard and read about them, and how they've got great low end and top end power, the they lack alittle umph, in the mid range... he said, u wanna find out? I said, well, HELL YEAH! so he gives me the keys and a dealer tag, and says, go ahead and take it out for alittle while!!! Oh man, my tongue about dropped to the ground as I got on board this beast ! Which my first impression was, I can believe how comfortable this bike really is. Plenty of leg room, not a real far reach to the handlebars, and the bars are raised just high enough to be quite comfortable for me. R1's are great bikes for taller people cuz of the extra leg room, but I also found it to be very nice as well. So I took off out of the parking lot and got on the highway, that runs parallel to the dealer, making sure to take it easy at first, since I wasnt used to riding it, and also so they wouldnt think I was being a tard, and not ruin my reputation there w/ them. Once out of site and feeling alittle more ballsy, I grabbed a hand full of throttle ( about half way) and HOLY JEEBUS, this beast is AMAZING !! I took off like a bat outta hell and before I knew it, i was at 110 (which normally doesnt bother me, if its on my bike, and not one that I dont own or havent ridden before till now) Once I realized it, I backed off and took a deep breath, and just chilled out for awhile, realizing what this beast is capable of, and that since its not mine and Im not used to it yet, I better take it easy. This bike felt light as a feather and more nimble than any bike I'd ever ridden. I was definately falling in love :P . So I stayed out for about 25 minutes or so, riding mainly the highway, and a few back roads just to see for myself what she can do in the twisties as well. After I got back, he asked me how it felt, and I told him, I was amazed at the handling, power, and comfort of the bike. He told me, when I was ready, come back and see him,and he'll hook me up ! I was like, oh man, I so wanna take this beast home w/ me. (NOT trading in the kat of course, cuz that's not gonna happen) but politely said Thank you, and told him, he'll be my choice when the time comes for my next bike.

    All in all, the bike was amazing.. and after sitting on a GSXR and 1000RR, the R1 was head and shoulders above them both in comfort.. the performance similarities are so close w/ all of them that it would be hard to choose on just that alone ( but the 1000RR is the longest liter bike and the heaviest,but the seat is a plank and I just didnt care for the riding position as much as I thought I did after riding the R1.) The gixxer was sweet as well, but I really dont care for the mirrors, or the seating position. Ive not ridden a new gixxer 1000, but I'd sure love to. Maybe that'll be my next test ride when I go back there again.

    So yeah, if it wasnt for us trying to buy a house in the near future, that beast would be in front of the house beside the Kat right now.. somehow, someway

    Anywho, just thought I'd share that nice experience I had today.

    Rock on ! 8)

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    sounds like you had a blast. I've sat on a R1 and they are comfortable. Maybe one day it'll be at your house
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      For me and my 'average' size (don't read to much in to that...) comfort is all about how the seat feels, and there isn't a seat more comfortable than the Suzuki's...


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        The R1 is Nicks next bike, he would buy one before a house if I let him
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          I have the R1 motor in my sled..... What a sweet sound they make.... 8)


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            I agree that the suzuki has some of the most comfortable stock saddles you can find on bikes, especially the at but the CBR seats are like sitting on fabric covered slate, and to me, the suzuki was much better, but still not that comfortable.. but the R1 seemed to be the most comfortable by far of the big 4 liter bikes.. I havent road ZX10 yet so I cant say for certain either way on those though.


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              I can't believe they gave you a customer's already-paid-for bike to ride... If I was that customer, I'd have a cow. Meanwhile, sounds like you had a blast Cool...

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                Cyber it wasn't a customers bike. The 1000RR's were the ones that were sold not the R1.

                Matt sounds like you had a blast. I agree. The R1&6 both have very nice seating positions. My next bike will be a R6 or the CBR 600RR.


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                  During a recent trip to Florida I visited some bike shops and sat on an R1. I agree with you, it just felt right (more so than the other liters). I'm jealous you got to take it out for a spin. Nice Job!


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                    I'm jealous! Glad you had fun!
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                      Yeah, Im still kinda giddy about getting to ride it today. I'm gonna sleep well w/ visions of a Kat and an R1 in my garage some day hopefully soon.


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                        Come on over to the dark side Matt....Yami, Yami, Yami!


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                          matt, you get your r1 and ill take my 05 600rr and well have a go at it, when you catch up to me well see how ya feel, its just me i never see the need for a liter bike, yea i want a repsol replica cuz it think it looks soo good but that doesnt mean id like it, but you take your liter bike i take my 600, that 6 will run the quater in 9 seconds STOCK that r1 i dont think is in the 9's but oh well glad ya had fun, bet the old kat felt like a dog on the way home (no pun intended)


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                            So, that ride shot the soggy midrange theory I guess?

                            I've had a '99, ride an '03, and have ridden an '04, and I couldn't ask for a better sportbike. My '03 handles like a dream, goes like stink, and looks great doing it. I've had (and um, have) lots of bikes, and the R1 is definitely the best of the lot. I couldn't recommend one enough. Now go out and get one!

                            Incidently, if you're a the comfy seat and must have a fuel gauge type shopper, don't waste your time (and money) with an R1 and stick with the Kat. No, I take that back, check-out a VFR!
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                              Yeah Ive ridden the VFR's and they're definately great! In fact when bike shopping last summer, I was looking hard core for 1 and just couldnt come across any even remotely close to me, that were in decent shape and not beat all to hell. The performace of the VFR's I think was better before the VTEC, but I still like the new design better.

                              then I came across the Kat, and just had that feeling that, yeah, this bike is for me. and the rest is history ! I wont get rid of it, but yeah, the R1 is definately at the top of my list for my next bike.