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    i am going to be calling progresive next week and im wondering what sort of covrage i should ask for. liabilty? i want my medical bills coverd if i get hurt. and dont care to much about the bike (thefts and damage etc) as i can fix it or what not. so what should i be asking for and any ideas on a price for a 20 year old with one speeding ticket? thanks

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    What year and model of bike are you riding? I have a 2000 model, 600 and I am 33, liability costs me 117 per year, with uninsured motorist coverage and 20/50/20 coverage. And that is with progressive. Get on their web site and get a quote. You dont have to buy right now, if you dont want to.
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      its a 97 600 i dont know to much on diffrent covrages. that why i ask


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        Look at the topic "Cheapest Minnesota Insurance" in this Katana Talk forum. The topic was first posted on 3/11/05, so it is maybe a few pages back from the front page by now. You could find it using the search tool also.

        Your state law may specify minimum liability required. When you are young and do not have a lot of assets, you generally don't have to go too high on liability coverage.

        As for medical coverage, you shouldn't have to go overboard on that either, but I am no expert, and am not familiar with MN laws. Are you covered by other medical insurance thru parents, as a student, or thru work? You may not have to double up on coverage.


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          Liability only costs me, thru progressive, about 89.00 a year... but I just jumped it up to full coverage since I got my Kat, and got rid of the Yamaha. Its now 610.00 !! But its worth it, even w/out the medical coverage that I chose to forego since my work has me covered w/ health insurance.