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  • Switch to LEDs

    I want to change the cluster lights to LED's. Would this be possible? The reason being the factory tiny white bulbs suck and are hard to read until dark. I also would like to switch out the turn signals front and back to LED's what would be required to make this all work without any huge setbacks.

    I just like the look of LED's and find them much cleaner...and they draw less power and are much brighter. -Thanks again -Eric
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    you would have to check the load drop(curent reading) accross the LED's and what they are now with regular light bulbs.

    if the load drop is sufficiently diffrent, and the LED's look dull, you have to high of a voltage of an LED.

    make shure you test the load drop accross the light bulb connecton and make shure your LED specs are close. a few milliamps or millivolts in combination will make all the diffrence in brightness, also if there in a chain system, or a series circuit, you might have to throw a non-electrolydic (non polorized) capicitor with a resistor in series with the lighting sustem. (depending on the load drop in a series circuit depends on the value of your CAP and resistor. ) so when you are at low RPM you dont make your lights blink at a low pulse with the engine.

    if you get basic electronis theory this sholdnt be that hard, if you dont know any theory you might be stepping into some uncharted waters. if you did go through any electronics class you'll know you will need this formula V/I=R
    voltage divided by current gets resistance.
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      there are a number of members have switched out their stock bulbs for leds in the dash cluster, and even more that use led's for turn signals in the rear. In the front though, many people just go w/ clear alternative lenses.


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        GREAT. thanks guys for the help.
        Any hints on the bulb number for the gauge cluster???
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            I think they are #74 bulbs


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              Originally posted by CorpZ
              I think they are #74 bulbs

              That I am not so sure about.

              I bought some #74 automotive LED's (With built in capacitor and everything) from Super Bright LED's not to long ago. The bulbs do not plug in correctly. I am going to order the bases for there bulbs though, and see if that will make a difference. The problem is the base on the LED's are just a tad bit bigger than the stock ones. I think having the bases though will be fine. Not sure yet, but I will make sure I post up on it once I find out.

              If you want to check them out, go to

              I got blue ones to replace my white ones, and new ones for my blinkers, oil light, neutral light, and all that jazz. The taking apart of the dash is very easy.
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