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Rode all day.....I LOVE IT

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  • Rode all day.....I LOVE IT

    Well after a whole day riding in and out of misty rainy areas, to dry warm roads and highways. I have to say I love the handling and looks of this bike. I am forever sold on the body style. I definatly think the fairings play a major roll in this bikes good windy day nature.

    I had quite a few comments as well as stares......just what I wanted. I am definatly gonna install different hand grps and raise the angle of the clutch.....its far too down for me and my only gripe was having to stare above the windscreen for 3 hours neck is tired, lol.

    I will post pics once I get it all cleaned up and such. The Metzlers did a great job in/out of wet/dry/sandy road...A+
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    sweet i wish i could say the same but glad you had a good ride today


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      Congrats on the ride, its always nice to see another happy rider. Yeah new grips will do wonders for your wrists and shoulders.