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Do all aftermarket exhausts come with midpipe?

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  • Do all aftermarket exhausts come with midpipe?

    I have been looking around and all i see is the slip on itself! Ijust wanted to know from the people who have bought aftermarket cans if you get the pipe all the way to the header?

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    Well, that would be called a full exhaust...


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      On our stock unit it looks to be welded all the way through! How do you install the slip-on?


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        no, not all cans come with the midpipe. i know for the 98+ kats, the midpipe is connected. other bikes dont have connected midpipes
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          So if you have a 98+ you have to buy the can and the mid?


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            New exhausts made for your particular model bike normally come with midpipes from the manufacturer. If you buy used, or use a non-specific can, then you may need to run down to your local muffler shop (one that bends their own pipe) and get them to fabricate a mid-pipe for you -- you'll need to bring the stock exhaust for them to use as a template... Should set you back $20 - $40.

            JP is slightly mistaken, by the way -- a full (end-to-end) exhaust includes the exhaust headers.

            The stock exhaust consists of three (four) primary parts:
            the exhaust headers
            a collector (think open can that the headers dump into)
            the mid-pipe and the final exhaust (as a single combination unit).
            Additionally, there are gaskets in various places to help ensure that you're not breathing exhaust fumes...

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              If you buy one from ebay or another online bike shop, just ask them if it comes w/a mid pipe. The d&d Im looking at thru speedwerks, if I can ever get it, comes w/ the parts ready to install, including the pipe.


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                Sells separate mid pie and can
                Sells slip-on that is both can and mid-pipe
                ditto Yosh
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                ditto Yosh

                Actually, almsot EVERYBODY sells a slip-on that is both!
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                  pretty much any company who sells complete systems will sell individual pieces. It only stands to reason that if you have an accident or something that damages just one part of the exhaust, you shouldn't have to buy a complete system to replace it. V&H was going to sell me just the header, but the problem was it was only about $125 less that the whole system.
                  If you already have the header and the can, why not go to a good muffler shop and have them fit you a midpipe?
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