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Making the Kat more comfortable

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  • Making the Kat more comfortable

    Ok so I know it's a sport bike and I'm not complaining too much. I went 150 miles yesterday and by the end my rear end was starting to feel it. The thing is it felt like I kept sliding forward towards the tank and I had to keep fighting myself back and forth. Are any of the after market seats a little more comfortable? I'm a pretty big guy at 270 so maybe it's just my size. This is on a 92 kat. I rode on a post 98 kat and the seating position seemed to feel a lot different. any experiences w/ seats?

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    Put some skateboard grip on the will keep you from sliding....

    Or stop waxing the seat with armor all or other slick stuff...

    Ride naked...the sweat will cause you to stick to the seat better....

    I'll stop now...

    Seriously I have encountered this problem also so if anyone has any advice I would like to know...I'm 180lbs so even smaller guys are having this issue..mine is an 89 kat...
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      I got a Corbin , and it's kinda "textured" so it's a little rough . It's also wider . Not as soft , though .
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        The more you ride the less you notice. I had the same problem and then one day I didn't notice it but I ride 200-350 miles a week all year long unless there is a hurricane.


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          get an aftermarket seat, other than that there isnt too much. You already have one of the most comfortable sportbikes out there
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            I suppose I just need to ride more. That was the first time I've taken a day to just ride. It wasn't even that bad after 150 miles. I'll just lift up my skirt and tough it out. I'll get used to it.


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              i don't really think you guys have any room to complain. my seat on the RC51 is basically a seat pan covered with vinyl. there is like NO padding what so ever. so quit complianing!!!
              if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.


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                Yup, just need to get more miles under your belt, or should I say SKIRT!!!

                Your such a prospect.
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                  Riding more will help....But not as much as a Corbin Seat!!!!
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                    Corbin or Gel seat and you'll notice a world of difference. The stock Kat seat is more comfortable than most stock seats, but its not perfect. I dont normally have any problems w/ mine as it is however it never hurts to check out some alternatives for your back side.


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                      I'm a big fan of the Corbin saddle, which uses a denser foam spread over a wider area -- supports your upper thighs & full arse instead of just your butt-bone area... Unfortunately, Corbin stopped stocking the pre-98 saddles a few years back and you now have to send them your existing seat to use as a template for their seat (as verses the 98+ where they have their own pans and send you the seat finished without you sending them anything).

                      That said, there are competing firms on the market that also make wider saddles:
                      Travelcade, BillMayer, RickMayer, etc.
                      You might want to look at to see if they have any used ones cheaply...

                      Finally, any local automotive upholstry shop worth it's salt should be able to modify yours with different/added padding, gel inserts, etc. Just be sure you communicate very very clearly about what changes you want (wider saddle, denser foam). It's common for a bike as old as yours to have broken-down foam and with your heft added to it, the old foam may simply be collapsing down to the point of uselessness.

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                        ummm...I am not big...but I am not little either...and when I ride...I am right up against the tank.


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                          Don't wear jean, that'll make you slide. I have riding pants and they grip real well... I'm ~210 and I fit right in there pretty nice and have ridden till empty and had no problems with comfort..just modify your seating position every once in a while.


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                            Try a Corbin, and think about changing to a GSXR shock, or maybe a Kat 750 shock, the new ones are better..............
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                              It wasn't so much my arse, it was the whole sliding forward so it was more stress pulling on my upper hamstrings and having my manhood smashed againts the tank.