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Getting out of a ticket

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    Probably my best story is this one...

    I was heading home about 2am in the truck. I made a left turn on a curvy road that heads into my little town. At the same time there's a car coming towards me, but still a ways off. He ends up turning right on the road behind me.

    He got right up on my bumper, so I was thinking he wanted to race. Ok, so I take off.

    We end up doing 70mph in a 40mph zone before he turns on the lights. It was a car with the light in the dash instead of the top, so there was no way I could tell it was a cop car at night.

    I promptly pulled over, and when he walked up to the truck he asked if I knew why he pulled me over. (uh..yeah) Then he asked if I was kin to ..let's call him John Doe. I said yes, that he's my uncle.

    He told me to slow'd be bad if I were to hit a deer going that fast.
    Keep the rubber side down!