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Overheating or cooling problems on the Kat 600's?

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  • Overheating or cooling problems on the Kat 600's?

    Just curious as to weather anyone has had problems with their Kat on the cooling side. I know that it's an Aircooled/Oil cooled setup, and that they have been used for years.....but does anyone have any hints on keeping it cool.

    I just think the fairings would keep airflow hindered.
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    dont the fairings actually help direct air at the "radiator" while riding?


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      Use synthetic oil, don't ride in traffic, keep it moving, humming at 55-60 in 6th gear will allow your engine to cool fastest....


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        Never had a problem with the KAT could install a fan onto the rad if you are really worried about it
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          It highly depends on how you define overheating with an air-oil cooled motorcycle.

          My oil temps range from ambient at start-up to 280 - 340 degrees riding at high speed on the highway here in Florida for long stretches. Obviously, not all motor oils want to handle that type of temp the same, and I've found that no all brands/types of motor oils shed heat at the same rate either. That said, I have yet to have any issues with the engine running poorly or mechanical issues from heat-related concerns.

          The two Kat riders that I've known who did have heat problems were both in the same scenario: 20+ miles of high speed highway riding at 90 degrees or warmer, followed by a 20+ minute traffic jam. In both cases, switching to a JASO-MA rated oil in the appropriate weight resolved the issue.

          Other possible remedies:

          (A) Larger oil cooler. The oil cooler from the next engine size up will fit with some rewelding of the mounting brackets (i.e. - the 750 cooler onto the 600, the 1100 cooler onto the 750).

          (B) Install a switch-controlled fan to blow over the oil cooler. Although one of the biggest niceties of the Kat IMHO is the fact that I'm not getting drenched in heat from fans (which happens with virtually every other bike on the market here in Florida -- at every stoplight -- my ankles used to be brown from the heat).

          (C) Get the fueling mixture set correctly. The closer the fueling is to the perfect rate, the cooler the engine will run; too lean or too rich and she'll run hot.

          (D) Grab an old windshield washer injector pump and a small bottle to act as a reservior, and shoot water at the oil radiator on command :P

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