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Jet kit for a 600 kat

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  • Jet kit for a 600 kat

    Hey guys now that I got my D&D on I was thinking about rejetting my kat, and was needing to know where to start whats the best jet ket for a 600 and just how hard are they to install?


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    (A) Easy to install. A bit of a pain to get at, and you may need to retune the jetkit to match your exhaust, as the kits are normally developed to match stock exhausts.

    (B) The best jet kit I've tried in the 98+ Kats is the Ivan's Performance Products JetKit -- definitely beats the DynoJet kit (also sold under the K&N brand) hands down... plus you get to talk to Ivan if you need help... If you're anywhere close to NY, consider taking it to him and letting him install/final-tune it for you...

    Instructions on how to install, complete with pretty pictures:
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      Thank you cybepoet!!


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        Great advice. Though installing the kit is pretty easy, the tuning can become a nightmare, especially if the main jet is worn a little, or the floats are a little to high (or low...). A professional should be able to get you going easily. BTW...I had a Stage III with K&N filter pods on my '95 600 (DynoJets I think), and it was a street pig, but a screamer on the track. I went back to a stock airbox and Stage I FactoryPro kit, had it dyno'd and I am much happier with it. I have lost some top end (went from about 80 rwhp down to 74.3) but around town it's peppier and doesn't bog in the summer heat. 8)
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          I just orderd a FACTORY jet kit . Wil let you know how it is when I get it in
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            I've installed dozens of Factory Pro and DynoJet kits in Kats............

            I'm looking forward to trying an Ivans to compare, but the previous two are VERY EZ......................
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