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  • Getting it up

    Now that I have your attention ( )

    Anyone else pull the bars full lock left when getting the Kat up onto the centerstand? Because I find that's the only way I can get enough leverage on the bars to pull it backwards.

    Right hand is on the side handle lifting up, foot on the center stand peg thingy pressing down. I CAN get it up on the stand but I am wondering of there is an easier way. I am afraid I will break something.

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    I keep mine straight when I do it. Getting the bike on the center stand is one of these things that just comes with practice. It's scary as hell the first few times.


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      basically all i do is hold onto the handlebars with my left hand. put my right hand under the passenger footpeg. foot on the centerstand and pull up with my right hand (on the footpeg) push down with my foot and just use my left hand for holding the bike steady on the handlebars.

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        +2 to taz

        I do basically the same thing i use my massive weight on the center stand to do most of the work and put my other hand on the handle bar pulling back and the other pulling up and back onthe passenger handle
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          your left hand should only be used for guidance the right hand should do most of the work.
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            geez.. the new KR porno thread!

            Thats how I did it at first Macka till I got the hang of how the kat feels, weight & balance, etc.

            Using the rear peg or the grab handle under the rear fairing works ok either way. Your foot/leg should be doing most of the work, w/ your hands steadying the bike as it comes up.


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              sometimes I don't even touch the handlebars. But it is over 10 years I have been yanking the sucker up on the cs. once you get used to it, it's a snap. I know this one girl who can't weight more than 115lbs and she can snap hers up there.
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                I think a lot of it has to do with your foot placement and your body weight. Think of the pedal your foot goes on as a lever off the end of the centerstand -- the further back your weight is compared to that lever, the better leverage you're gonna get. Your weight and shove should be doing virtually all the work, with your back only doing a minor bit. I put the pad on the pedal for the footstand right under the ball of my left foot (i.e. - 1/2" behind where big toe hits the rest of my foot)... Having the bike rolling backwards very slowly also helps compared to being at an absolute standstill.

                On the other hand, my GF is 115 lbs and simply can't manage to get the Kat up by herself (small feet, low body mass)... she can get her ninja 500 up, but it's 100lbs lighter.

                If you keep running into issues, you can get the lever-arm on the centerstand lengthened a little to help you (or get a bigger platform welded onto the end).

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                  ahh no I don't have problems getting it up
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                    Pretty much what everyone else said. You are not really needing to LIFT on the bike. You really need to just press DOWN on that little peg that comes out of center stand.

                    Thats not so hard now, is it???? 8)
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                      Left foot on the CS, left hand on the bar, stand on the left foot with 90% of your weight using the right mainly for balance. Grab the rear peg or the bar under the rear fairing and pull up using your leg(s), not your arms. Core muscles should only be used to stabalize.

                      if you weigh enough just standing on the CS with most of your weight and a slight tug should be all it takes. I know that me being at 220 she wants to get up about 50% of the way on her own when I stand on it.


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                        Hire lou to come do it for you.
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                          It has a lot less to do with upper body than you guys think. Its more about foot placement and downward thrust on the centerstand with your foot. The way the centerstand works it will almost put the bike up by itself with the right amount of pressure.

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                            Originally posted by SlytlyDeranged
                            Hire lou to come do it for you.
                            He'd probably burn my house down :P

                            Thanks everyone for the info. I suspected there was more to it than just muscling it up.

                            Like I said, I CAN do it but I am just looking for an easier way, without stressing the bike or my back. I'll get it with a little more practice!
                            "The problem with most motorcycles is the nut that connects the seat to the handlebars."


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                              I've only tried to get mine on the center stand once or twice and failed miserably both times. I was going to remove it just because I can't seem to use it properly.

                              Tonight i'll give it another try usign the advice from this thread... if I can't do it... bye bye center stand.
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