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    The katana is gone, it was a great bike, but it is now time to move on to something new... I have a ZX9R hidden away is the garage still, yet I have a need to buy another one. ANY SUGGESTIONS? I am leaning toward either the SV, GXSR6, or an R6.. Give me some input.....

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    so it appears you're wanting to say w/ the 600 class right?

    I'd HIGHLY suggest a new 600RR, they are insanely awesome bikes, and since the RR models came out, they've really vaulted back up to the top of the 600cc class. I'd say either that or my second choice would be, for me atleast, the kawa zx6.

    The R6's are great bikes, the but the ergos dont fit me so well, but others swear by em


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      im with matt on this one the 600rr from honda comes out of the box running 10.38 quarter miles!!!! that is just down right rediculous, and the 05's are leaps ahead of the 03's and 04's in terms of power, handeling and stopping power. everyone has raved about the inverted fork system on the RR's they say it gives great feel for the bike and superior comfort in the corners. hell if you dont like the bike BUY ME ONE


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        Sport Rider has their 600 comparo just out for this month ...
        I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

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          From everything I've read, the 600RR is the way to go, assuming you want to stay 600, and have the best of the performance and handling in the class. All the trade rags seem to think very highly of them.

          I saw a few ride by (brand new, from the look of it,) as I drove down through the twistie roads around Amish Country, in Ohio, last week. Those things were screaming through the turns, and the riders didn't even seem to be trying. My only regret was that the 'youngsters' riding the things had on no helmets, and were in T-shirts. STUPID!!!

          But, to each his own, I guess...

          a.k.a. - Rocketman


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            I'd say the R6 is sweet, my bf loves his. Gorgeous to look at, comfortable ride, and great power.
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              go for the 1k.... you will not regret it POD = Power on Demand


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                Im a gix fan myself. My 03 600 was plenty comfy for 7 or 8 hour rides. And lots of power for a 6. Ive rode the hondas. They arnt bad but they have no trunk and cost a grand more. Read the SR artical. Its pretty good.

                Katanapilot, What do you have now adays? I lve my 1k
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                  this is my baby...


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                    wasnt all that long ago that you were considering getting rid of ur gixxer huh pilot? bet ur glad u didnt


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                      Very glad I kept her... this is the bad part, I might add this to my garage:


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                        If you feel the need to add anything to my garage, just let me know
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