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Make sure stupid stuff like exhaust clamps are tight

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  • Make sure stupid stuff like exhaust clamps are tight

    Well I was out riding with buddies tonight, and upon acceleration on an entrance ramp a little something happened. I heard a few pops, then my exhaust went up about 5 million db, and then my rear end jumped.
    I've got a full yoshi 4 to 1 system, and the connection between the collector and the midpipe came loose. Unfortunately the midpipe and can are held on by one mount at the can, which means it's gonna pivot down, and it did. We unbolted the midpipe and can at that one mount, hid it behind a guardrail, and headed for home. I thought my ears were going to bleed just from those 8 or 9 miles of open exhaust. It was a good demonstration though on the loss of torque with absolutely no backpressure.
    I just got back from picking it up in my car, and tomorrow I'm gonna go up to my work and try to straighten out the end of my pipe. It got chewed up by hitting the road. My buddies said I did put on a good light show, and luckily nobody got hurt. Moral to the story is to make sure stuff like that is tight. At first it doesn't seem like a safety issue, but that pipe pivoting down made me almost lose control. Take care all, and safe riding!
    '01 TL1000R

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    Wow, yeah the decibal level change would have probably scared the crap outta me too! Glad you were able to safely pull off and not lose control.

    Had you recently installed the exhaust or had your bike service where that connector could have come loose?


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      or the next question, is there a way you can blame it on the dealer??
      if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.


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        had the same thing happen to a friend with a d&d on his fzr1000. couldn't really tell a difference in exhaust tone without the pipe. shot some sparks and thankfully dind't pogo the bike.
        '03 Yamaha FZ1


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          You are lucky it didn't dump you by digging into something. I watch the guys on MythBusters set a car up so the front end of the driveshaft on a rwd car let go. Took them like a dozen tries to get it to catch the pothole, but when it did, what a mess. Drove the shaft right up through the trunk.
          Glad nothing too serious came of it for you.

          I once had a 73 Monte Carlo and was out on a country road one night with my go parking. I backed into this little opening and thoght I heard something strange...but my music was blasting. When I was ready to leave the car sounded funny and it didn't have much power. The problem was I caught my tailpipe and bent my exhaust back under the car and pinched it off. Total opposit of you. You had no backpressure....I had tons of
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            Yeah I saw that mythbusters episode, scary stuff. Fortunately the end of the midpipe is soft enough where it folded in. I don't think it's really a dealer issue here, between the previous owner and me that bike probably hasn't seen the dealer in a good 6 or 7 years. Also, I've never loosened anything on the exhaust, so this could have happened anywhere, anytime. I'm sure it was just wedged onto the collector with the clamp loose on it. I think I'm going to give my bike a once-over with the wrenches. Take care-
            '01 TL1000R


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              great job on saving the bike and yore self
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                ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahahahhaha finally someone else that happend to, i was going 80 on the highway and hit a bridge and all of a sudden it got really loud look down and there is my yoshimura can going under a truck, thank god the dumb@$$ didnt hit it or i would have cried, ill take pic of it, its sooooo beat up, and if the dealer worked on it less then a week ago then yea you can blame it on them, will they buy you a new can, prob not but they will give you a deal on labor next time like half the labor price or something depending on how bad it was skuffed or what not