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Why do people hate Katana's?

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  • Why do people hate Katana's?

    I just thought I would vent alittle bit......I am sick and tired of people dogging and putting my bike down just because its a katana. I really like my bike and I always get "that bike looks good for a katana" or "why bother putting mods on it, its a katana?" I have done alot to my bike and I am not about to quit. I have gotten to the point where I don't hang around the other bikes in my town just because they talk alot of crap and if you don't have a gsxxer you an't shit.....Does anyone else get this? Or is it just me?

    Sheww thanks lol

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    The Can of Tuna comments
    when are getting a real sportbike

    I feel ya Bro, all the way and then they shut up when I show them I can ride right with them
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      Hey, I feel you. I work at a Suzuki dealership and everyone is always talking smack about the kat. Thats cool with me though, I work on all of them. I figured at a Suzuki dealership everyone would be pro suzuki, but that is not the case. Oh well, at least they all hate Kawasaki, or as we call them kawallski's(I don't know why we call them that, but it fits)


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        Everyone thinks that if don't own a SS bike then your are nothing. ask them next time how much they paid for theirs. I have never had anyone say anything bad about my bike being a Katana. They look at it go that is a katana? Most the people I ride with know what I use to ride so I guess that is why.

        Don't worry about what they think. as long as you like what you are riding that is all that matters. People who make fun of other people because of what they ride have no self esteem and have to put others down to make up what they are lacking. So don't let it get to you. The Katana can do everything and sometimes more than a SS bike.


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          Yeah, take HD riders for iinstance. They think the whole lot of us are squids.


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            I just explain that it's designed for a different purpose -- it's a sports-tourer, not a race-rep... and that I use it that way. Then I offer them to ride with me -- to Atlanta (450 miles), Fort Lauderdale (210 miles), etc. They shut right up. After they sit on it, they have a new respect.

            Actually, the riders in this area are a pretty open-minded lot; there are only a few who get in with all the comments, but these are the guys who plunk down $10k - $20k a year to have the newest bling-bling race bike to ride constantly... Oddly enough, the guys who ride Aprilia's, Ducati's, Triumphs, and other non-mainstream race reps have nothing bad to say.

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              They Can rip on my Katana. Then they can eat my dust as I burn away from them.

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                Next time one of those types rips you you, ask them how much does their insurance cost (if they even have any). Also the Kat to me has a heck of a lot more character.


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                  I will keep my katan over any sport bike. I know for a fact a kat is a comfortable ride on a coast to coast journey. I know that I can stand it up and keep her on the back wheel as long as any of them, I choose not to, But it will do it, I know I can go as fast as I care to go on it, SO I am damn happy with my bike. I may not be able to hit 170 on the interstate, but I dont particularly care to hit 170.
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                    as long as you are happy it doenst matter.
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                      Originally posted by kickitjp
                      Yeah, take HD riders for iinstance. They think the whole lot of us are squids.
                      You're not?!?! 8)
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                        yeah people suck sometimes... they are ignorant about things they know nothing about . all they hear is a stereo type and then they run w/ it. Screw em, dont sweat it. But yeah, like the others said, ask them to ride all day with you and see who needs to stop first !! or see who walks upright after the ride is over.! Who pays less in insurance?

                        True riders understand its not about the bike you ride, its that you ride period!!

                        As long as you are happy at the end of the day, that's all that matters.


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                          i've met a lot of riders and the good guys are the guys who you can just talk to about your ride and they'll offer suggestions and compliments. the real pricks are the ones who are like "why are you riding that?" just don't bother wtih those people. its not worth your trouble. i pulled in this lot the other night and overheard somebody say "who would buy that honda?" referring to either my RC51 or the CBR600 F4i that i was with. either way, both of those bikes will keep up with whatever he was on, hands down. i like my bike, it does what i want, so everybody else can kiss my butt.
                          if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.


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                            I don't ever seem to have any problems with people doggin my bike cause it's a Katana . They usually dog it because it looks like hell !
                            I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

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                              I tend to come across more non-riders than I do riders, and therefore get WAY more compliments than degrading comments about my bike. To the vast majority, a sport bike is a sport bike, and most think they're pretty freak'n cool. Besides, with the all the trash talking riders on other super sport bikes, a very few of them can actually ride them properly.

                              You could always challenge them to a long-distance race, let them use their advantage (speed), and you just go the speed limit. Then just keep waving to them when they are pulled over by police cars , and then again when they're taking a break , and again and again and again . Different bikes, different purposes.