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grips any good?

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  • grips any good?

    i could use some new grips but i noticed on the stock ones they have some weird ruber groves that fit over the throttle tube?? any way found this on ebay and looking for some input on if i should get them or not.

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    most after market grips take alittle more stretching to put on, than the stock ones..but they'll fit. speedwerks hooked me up w/ a great pair of gel took alittle work to get it stretched up over the top or bottom (depending on how u look at it) of the throttle , but they'll fit, and look sweet ! Definately alot more comfortable, IMO.


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      Just stay away from harris. They are as hard as a rock. The bike name grips are great thow.
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        They look pretty good. And if they are to hard to get on, you can stop by the shop, we can use the air hose to get them on nice and easy.
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          I actually have those exact grips and I ordered them from e-bay(same seller). They fit fine and look really good. The install was easy. I don't recommend paying the shipping insurance for the special grip glue,they just send you a tube of superglue. These are not gel grips as thysay, these grips are solid rubber. I think they are good as long as you are not expecting gel grips.


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            I have a set just like that you can have for $7 plus shipping (blue under black).

            I tried them for about 15 minutes (and several others for about 15 minutes each too), decided I liked the stock grips the best, and went back. Never even glued them down.

            As for the ridge on the throttle, an exacto knife will cut it away and you'll never be bothered by it again.

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