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bike gone for another week :(

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  • bike gone for another week :(

    so i called the shop to see if the bike was ready for me to pick it up after having a jet kit and serive done on it. guy said who ever owned it befor me broke a valve or something on one of the carbs where he puts his sincing tool and they jb weled it. so he is going to order another one for $30 plus $30 more to put it in and stuff. just my luck its so nice out to. one of you guys probley have the part for like $5 o well he better hurry up

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    I know the feeling... you just wanna ride and can't.

    It is riding season over here (although it is always riding season here) and I'm about to start the 5th week without mine. My own fault though.
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      Riding season is just starting.. Im ready ! Comon sunshine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I know how ya feel lucky.. been there..fortunately not so much w/ bikes, but w/ cars.. UGH!!!


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        They had to replace the JB???? That stuff should hold up just fine. Those carbs are made out of a real cheap metal though. Just ask Corey
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          yeah I know your pain. I bought a bike from a dealer in January. Killed me waiting for good weahter. I took it out 2 weeks ago (for the 1st time) and it wasnt running right. Its been at the shop ever since.

          I should be getting it back Saturday or Monday, and they are covering all the costs. But still, I was so looking forward to using me new ride, and then I lose 2 weeks right from the start
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            im not sure what the guy did he said someone just jb welded over where his tool needs to be because the carb broke. funny thing is the guy asked if i wanted it back the way it is and sai di could ride it it just idles loopy. now what would be the point of taking off all my farings and bringing it in if i was gona get it back runing "loopy"


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              sounds like he didnt want to deal with the headache
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                HS is running into a little situation w/ the new ninja 250 and the oil light staying on..but last I heard he was checkin w/ the dealer to see if they could take care of it b/4 this weekend.