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Thinking of buying a Katana....

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  • Thinking of buying a Katana....

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of buying a 94 Katana 750, but have a few questions. I am getting a smokin deal! LoL, anyways, is there a lot you can do to these bikes? A friend of mine said not to buy it, because Katanas are slow, I ride a 96 cbr f3 right now-which is a friends- and I used to have an 87 Hurricane. I've never ridden a Katana. Any suggestions would be great.

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    Compared to both your previous bikes.....the Kat 7fitty should be plenty of power to get you started. I am pretty sure its fater than the Hurricane and the f3 at comparable conditions. Now if you compare that to a GXR7fitty or a Kawi yeah you might find it slow....but then after 100 miles an hour (somethign I have seen on my humble 97 600 Kat) what difference does 20 m/hr more make???? That is unless you are a 16 year old with dads money and fresh bones to break and dont care about If you want speed buy a 93-94 GSR 600.....should be plenty of horsepower in there buddy.


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      No, I'm not really wanting break neck speed, I've ridden R1's and a few 900rr's. I have a family now, and well, it took me a couple years to finally persuade the wife to let me get another one. I just want something that we can both ride on, comfortably and sporty. I thought about getting a YZF 600R. (not the R6) But just don't feel like spending a lot of dough, I already spend to much money on my mustang, which is for sale!! LoL. Also, does any place make different body pieces for the Kat? Something custom?
      Thanks for your help!!!


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        I have no clue about Custom parts for the Kats....(not really a great market for customising)...but people here on this forums have posted a lot about customizing the kat. I suggest a good search will yield results. I also suggest a site you may have heard of stuff you can fiind on there. I am nearing the 30 and yeah te Kat would be the affordable option and the best option I may add...not that I am biased....I used to ride a Triumph Triple.....before I got my Kat......never regretted it. All the best buddy.


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          The kat's are an all around do everything well but nothing perfect depending on who you talk too, bike.. u can mod them cosmetically and performance wise..and a 750 will keep you plenty happy on the twisties and when u get that speed itch u just gotta scratch!!!

          Personally, I love mine... dont listen to what people say; oh the kat this and the kat that. You'll do well it, dont worry.

          good luck!!


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            Awesome, thanks for the replies. Anyone live near the Jeffersonville IN area?


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              I had never ridena kat until I rode bonstrosity's 92 600 last night and was actually verry suprised. It had plenty of power and got to 100mph pretty damn quick. It isnt as fast as my zx750r but it does have plenty of power to get the job done and a little extra.
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                get the kat for comfort. looks like it would be a best bet for you since you want to go 2-up with the wifey. they're also alot of aftermarket parts for the kat. not as much as the other "R" bikes though. as far as i know, there are no race body work to customize your kat. which makes it better cuz you can fabricate your own stuff to make your kat unique
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                  oops my mistake, there are jim's seat cowls if you get the kat750! thats a custom body part hehe

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                    lockhart philips makes some fairings for the kat because I saw them on ebay somewhere just this week.
                    Anyway, the kat is a pretty good all around bike. I have 2 1100's myself, and have never even sat on a 600 or 750, that I can remember....but as you will see on here, there are alot of happy kat owners.
                    One thing you will appreciate about the Kat.....cheaper insurance then the others you have named off.

                    ohh...and welcome to kr.
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                      if u got the cash, anything is possible...


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                        If you are getting a steal on the Kat, I would jump on it. The 750 will be plenty to keep you happy for a while. Plus, it is really comfy for 2 up riding. If you get bored with the power too quickly, you can always start changing sprockets for more pick up, or even put a bigger motor in it. Old GSX-R 1000 motors and 1200 bandit motors are a direct bolt in (figuratively speaking) while keeping the same fairings.

                        As far as customizing it goes.... take a look through some of the members albums and see what some of us have done to our Kats.

                        What ever you decide to do.... Good Luck, and welcome!!


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                          Originally posted by Jetmech42578
                          I just want something that we can both ride on, comfortably and sporty.
                          Then the Kat would be great for you. Sure, it is not a liter bike, and slow in that sense, but it is still plenty quick, and great for long rides weatehr by yourself, or with someone else.

                          Good luck with your decision.
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                            just check out speede and beekman's kat for things you can do with a kat...
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                              Re: Thinking of buying a Katana....

                              Originally posted by Jetmech42578
                              Hi everyone, I am thinking of buying a 94 Katana 750, but have a few questions.
                              Don't think about it, just do it!