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Injured motorcyclists shouldnt receive medical treatment

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  • Injured motorcyclists shouldnt receive medical treatment

    Detroit columnist says injured motorcyclists shouldn’t be given medical treatment

    Here we go again.

    Columnist Brian Dickerson, in yesterday’s edition of the Detroit Free Press, is the latest to call for motorcyclists to be de-facto organ donors. What’s worse, he suggests that injured motorcyclists not be given medical treatment at all.

    In writing about the pending repeal of Michigan’s mandatory helmet law, Dickerson says, “If only lawmakers had thought to add a requirement that all helmet-less cyclists agree to donate their organs. And why not require donorcyclists to sign papers declining extraordinary lifesaving measures, so that deserving organ recipients aren't kept waiting unnecessarily?”

    Dickerson doesn’t stop there. He lumps motorcyclists in with “champions of the right to die,” including shameless and insulting references to Jack Kevorkian and Terri Schiavo.

    We’ve seen this sort of hysterical, uninformed opinion before, of course. Last September, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg characterized riders as organ donors in a column headlined "Hop on a motorcycle, fill out your donor card” -- and your e-mails to Mr. Steinberg prompted him to admit in a later column that he wrote without knowing the facts. Earlier, the AMA joined motorcyclists nationwide in defeating actual legislative proposals in New Mexico and California that would’ve required motorcyclists to be organ donors.

    But by suggesting that injured motorcyclists be left to die, Dickerson has set an all-time low -- and the AMA has told him so. If you’d like to let him know how you feel, you can reach him at

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    ooooOOOOOO That just pisses me off.

    I guess all those Motorcycle Police Officers should do the same then, huh?

    I need to come up with something to write him, because man am I angry.

    Obviously this moron has never been on a bike and looks at all Sport bike riders as Stunters, and all Harley type riders as dirt bags.

    He is gona get a peice of my mind.

    Hell, maybe even the whole thing!
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      Read what Dickerson actually wrote:

      I found the AMA article a little slanted.


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        The Free Press really must love this great publicity they get from all the motorcyclist about their columists.


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          Unbeleivable! Again I am glad I live in Canada
          donorcyclists?!!!!!! Its a word now?
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            You know... that article DOES have his phone number in it... Laws or no, I'll always where my helmet.


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              I wrote him a letter. This is what I sent him:

              Mr DICKerson

              As a 20 plus year rider, I am shocked at your comments. Although some of your points may be valid, the majority of motorcyclist will probably all agree on one thing, and that is that you come across as a complete ass.
              Most of us agree that riding without a helmet is a stupid thing to do, but your comments do nothing to help influence the use of helmets. If your intentions were to help support mandatory helmet laws, you surely missed your mark. As it stands now, most riders who refer to your article see you as nothing more than some "ignorant ass". You have quoted no actual facts and statistics. I am not aware of the statistics myself, but I am betting that most deaths are those that are younger and inexperienced. So why not make the suggestion that the law should at least apply to them. You may have received much more support from motorcyclists across the nation if you suggested that "new" riders must wear a helmet in their first 3-4 years of riding instead of suggesting they be left to die. So as it stands now, your article has pretty much marked you as totally ignorant on the subject. You sound like nothing more some disgruntled taxpayer shooting his mouth off. And it is obvious that you have no value on human life, although it is clear that your are PRETENDING to. I think you should start considering to cover stories that are more easily comprehensible to you, such as local charity events or some shit like that. As it stands now, all you have done is make the "helmetless" riders much more adamant in their choice. You have done absolutely NOTHING to support the helmet in law. In fact, your ignorance has probably scored one in their favor. I strongly suggest you educate yourself with the facts and try a different approach the next time, instead of shooting your mouth of like you did. You really do come across as a complete ass. And I am willing to bet that even some of the individuals who are fighting for mandatory helmets laws see you the same way. I am sure your comments do not help their cause.

              notice how I spelled his name? "DICKerson". Anyway, what an ass.
              I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.


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                Well said
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                  Originally posted by KG
                  Well said
                  Thanks, but I should have used spell check....I found a couple of typos in it.
                  I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.


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                    Since his arguments seem to address only helmetless riders, I will never be affected.

                    However, this guy appears to be a massive jackhole. Nothing like a bit of sensationalism to drum up the old ratings...
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                      Originally posted by paperairplane
                      Since his arguments seem to address only helmetless riders, I will never be affected.
                      Actually, not true. Bad press for any type of rider effects ALL riders. Not once did he say anything positive towards the riders who do wear helmets, and his comments are quite for sure it effects all of us. Bad press is bad press.
                      I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.


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                        Ok lets say he's right (by the way I don't agree with what he said...I read both articles and I agree he's a jackhole..) we are donorcyclists...but lets go farther...Cagers cause many of these accidents and are involved in far more accidents than we do...donormobilists...his focus, IMO, was that bikes are dangerous...lets say he's right....for arguements sake...automobiles should fall into the same seat belt no look a pedestrians...donordestrians...if you don't wear bright clothing or reflective clothing while walking across the should be fair game...I could go on forever....the fact is that we need to be responsible and take as much caution as possible...remember the ladder of risk...
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                        nah nah nah nah nah nah JAX! (special thnx to sexwax)


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                          Another dumbass who needs to be removed from our planet.

                          Go Vols! UT '05 Grad


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                            As far as organ donating is concerned, I think the most prudent thing to do would be to make "will donate organs" the default setting, and that if you sign your drivers liscense, that means you DON'T want to donate. Most peopel don't sign because they just don't care enough. And jax, I agree 100% with you.


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                              For the record, I am an organ donor. If my death can save another's life, then by all means, take what you need. However, I do this by choice...not because I am forced to. Correct me if I am wrong, but don't some religions frown upon donating body parts? If so, I would think it would cause as much stink as abortion, divorce and scuicide.
                              I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.