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Riding in the rain

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  • Riding in the rain

    Does anyone have any idea if there is a spray on water repellent for wiring harnesses? Something like a thin silicone that will dry and seal the wires?

    My truck is down for a while ($2500 dollars worth of 'while') and I'm having to ride the 35 minutes to work. The 27 degree temps are tolerable, but the bike won't stay running when it gets really wet. I think a front fender might help too.....
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    Coat some Di-electric grease on all exposed connectors and wires. That would help.
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      PhatKat where the heck have you been???!!! And how the heck are you???!!!
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        yeah a front fender would probably be nice


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          Originally posted by SweetLou
          Coat some Di-electric grease on all exposed connectors and wires. That would help.
          Smear gobs of the stuff into every electrical connector, cleaning out any that have corrosion first. Do NOT smear it all over the insulation of the wiring, just exposed metals (such as the pins inside the connectors). If you are concerned about exposed wiring, either wrap it in another layer of electrical tape, or put it in heat-shrink tubing and shrink it down, or find some flexible conduit and install it in that.

          If you can't find a front fender (Hint: JCWhitney has 'em cheap for the pre-98's), then at least create some sort of barrier between the top of the front edge of the valve covers and the underside of the tank (such as a sheet of 1/8" rubber). You need to keep the water away from the coils & plugs (and this is probably where you're running into problems if you get it stalling out in wet weather with no front fender).

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            also carry a can of wd-40 with you.



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              you could always sell plasma and other body fluids. it might help getting the truck back to working order. just kidding, but good luck man
              if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.


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                Originally posted by trinc
                also carry a can of wd-40 with you.

                hmm flammable materials near electrical ... hmmm THAT should be interesting.
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                  Hmmm...something is obviously amiss. I ride mine year round up here in Washington (we don't tan, we rust...) and I've never had that problem. I'd look around for a bare wire, esp around the coils??
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