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a funny story about me and my dad

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  • a funny story about me and my dad

    hey whats up. I was just reading another topic about a guy finding a spider in his helmet and I came to think about some funny stories about be and my dad on the bike (since i cannot ride yet i go on the back with my dad) anyways, we were taking a ride down to the mall on his motorcycle and you know we got off the bike, took off our helmets, and played it cool lol. Anyways we went to walk into radio shack and i heard a buzzing noise. It appeared to be coming from my dads hand (where he holds his helmet) i then just said to my dad " DAD ITS A BEEE!!!!!!!!" haha the little thing was screwming around because it had got caught in the space between the visor and the bottom of his helmet (he likes to keep it open a little for fresh air) so if his helemet would've been open just a bit wider, he would've had a nice big bee in his mouth. Haha.

    anyways, thot i would just give you guys a somewhat of a laugh.
    reply if you would like


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    Same thing happened to me last season...the big bumble bee ended up inside the lining of my visor

    If it had been a spider I would have had to buy a new helmet.
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      Was the bee ok? I sure hope so.


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        Another reason to keep ur visor down as much as possible when riding. Even with eye protection, man those stones and bugs can be murder on ur cheeks and nose when exposed like that.


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          My wife had a big bug of unknown type smack into her helmet. That happens all the time here.

          What was different was where it hit... right in the vent in front of her mouth.

          She had bug juice sprayed into her mouth

          She had to pull over and try not to throw up inside the helmet. It was so funny (for me... she hated me for laughing when I found out what was going on).
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            I hate junebug season.... those suckers HURT.


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              Soulrider (YO) had his visor opened at the Gap...ended up with a bunch of bee he looked horrible (I am talking about the poor bee)


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                OH man bugjuice!! that'll kill an appetitle real quick!


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                  every once and a while Ill catch a large bug or a rock off the face shied. And I think to myself, if I had no lid on, that might have knocked me out. I dont know how people ride without lids
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                    Yo Chris! Good to have you back! Yeah, I hate riding through some of the rural lands here where it's kinda swampy...cause seriously I have colonies of misquitos and such dying on my visor if I'm riding remotely fast.


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                      I have had bugs slap into my helmet, and it makes me thing how much it would have hurt had that hit my head. The worse is when you are riding, and you go through those colony of knats that just sit in one place!

                      Man those annoy me.

                      I hate bugs.
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