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Promoting Saftey and Life Saving Techniques....

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  • Promoting Saftey and Life Saving Techniques....

    Ok last night it finally stopped raining for a while. The streets were dry and I had to take advantage of it...Short ride down to Dietrich's Coffee in Huntington Beach...Tom you know where that is next to Sport's Chalet...Anyways after a good cup of Joe, I decided to check out Barnes and Noble...I promise I do have a point here...
    While browsing through about 20 different magazines, I came across "MotorCyclist"...Ok the cover cycle is, in my opinion, ugly but that wasn't what caught my eye...down at the lower left hand side is the "Plus!" section and it says "15 Lifesaving Traffic Tips"...Wow this may be worth a look...I'll save you time Page 76....What really got me was that this is going to be a series..."Street Strategies", Part I...Not a bad read...only one page worth of information but 76 was the intro and 78 was the meat...I plan on at least collecting the series for this article...A lot of it was covered in the MSF course and is basic common sense but for the new rider or even the experienced rider a good refresher...the next issue is due on April 13th...

    One thing I did notice is all the advertisement :P ...a good 70% of this magazine is advertisements...that's great for me because I'm an advertising junkie...I know it's bad but I really like collecting the web sites and sometimes, not often, but somtimes you get a good link...
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    Thats funny. I have that same mag sitting next to my computer.There are alot of rookie riders that could benefit from that info. And another thing,on the cover, that bike or whatever it is by Confederate almost made me blow chunks. That is just plain fugly!


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      They also have alot of good ongoing feature series that you can check out on their website.. to's for riding techniques, maint. tips, etc.

      Ive been getting motorcylist for about 10 years now or so. I didnt used to be near as many ads as it is now, which is kind of a pain, ok really a pain. but ya know, par for the course w/ todays US bike mags for the most part.

      Ive got my copy of motorcyclist sitting here as well. The confederate wraith on the cover is wild looking, definately an aquired taste.


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        And they want $47,500.00 for it! I'm sure there are people that will buy it. Not for me. It just looks like carbon fiber overkill.


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          Motorcyclist is a good rag . I thought about making a scrapbook out of all the tech articles and "Street savy" articles .
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