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What is the coldest temp. that you have been out

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  • What is the coldest temp. that you have been out

    I decided to venture out this morning. I looked on the thermometer and it said 24F. I'm just sick and tired of waiting for sprint so I decided to go for it. BAD IDEA!!!. My upper body was well bundled up so I was ok, but my hands and my legs took a big beating. I figured that leather gloves and gortex glove liners will do the job, but I was wrong. The gortex liners did stop the wind, but the tips of my fingers were in pain by the time I got to where I was going (10 miles away). My legs were even worse. Silly me thought the jeans were going to cut it as usual. After a few minutes my legs strated getting the sensation of pins and needles. It hurt noticebly as long as I was out. I guess i'm just mad that it's getting nice out when I get back from work, but it's so cold in the morning (I leave the house at 6:30AM). I think that some overpants may help but they are so expensive. The pair that I was looking at was going for over $150USD.

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    34 is the coldest I've ridden, that's in jeans and a tex jacket with plain leather gloves,
    little pit nipy


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      I don't know the exact temp for the coldest I've riden in. But I will not ride in anything below freezing. too much of a chance of accidently hitting some ice and wiping out for me. hitting ice on four wheels is aight...but on only two - not for me.
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        Been caught out at below 30 at night before . Yeah , it sucks . And home was about 50 miles away , so my fingers were pretty lifeless by the time I got there .
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          -7 celcius


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            Originally posted by chriskatana
            34 is the coldest I've ridden, that's in jeans and a tex jacket with plain leather gloves,
            little pit nipy
            That's pretty much what I have done, but I bundled up top. Long sleeve, sweatshirt, and a textile jacket. Plain leather gloves with gortex liners helped, but they won't protect you from pure cold.


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              I think -11(C) (+12 degrees F) is about the coldest I've ever ridden in, but it someone else's race bike and it was my only chance to ride it... Just a couple miles and back -- by then I was sweating in some spots and frozen solid in others. Now that I'm getting old (and my hyperthyroidism is cured), my tolerance isn't the same and I avoid riding below 40 or so...

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                -20, rode for about 15 minutes.
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                  I went out once at 28 degrees F. But it was a toasty 28. To tell the truth, if you bundle correctly its not that bad. the only thing that bothered me was the tips of my fingers
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                    I don't remember the actual temp but when you've gotta ride you've gotta ride.


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                      Two weeks ago, at about -3 celsius (for about 30 mins) - I was going to my friends place to wrench on the bike. My gear does a good job though, didn't freeze at all. It was snowing when I arrived at my friends place, a bit annoying.

                      Today it's been 8-10 degrees outside - spring is coming! The bike is getting some fork oil on Friday, then I'm going wrench and ride all weekend...
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                        Rode in about 20 degree weather, for 50 minutes. My torso was fine, my head a little chilly, my legs, feet, and hands were absolutley frozen. That was the coldest I had ever been in my life. I was having trouble shifting because my legs and feet were so cold.
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                          It got really cold here last winter. I picked my bike up in July (mid-winter) and it was about 17 celsius (63 fahrenheit)

                          That's about the coldest I've ridden in.

                          Move to a better climate people. I ride all year round (except when my bike is getting repaired).
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                            well, rode the bike to work just last week and it was 18 degrees F. tex jacket, slacks, and not so good thinsulate gloves. the gloves are just my winter gloves nothing special. finger tips hurt when i got to work from the cold.

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                              i rode the other night when it was about 25F. it was cold after a little bit.
                              if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.