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Suzuki GSX 600 F 97 die down after some times in idle

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  • Suzuki GSX 600 F 97 die down after some times in idle

    Hi guys,
    I turn here as a last resort because at this point im 100% clueless. About 3 weeks ago my first bike started doing this weird issue which is the following. When the bike is cold, it start without any issue and it stay on a confortable 1200-1300 rpm for aobut 10 minute BUT after that 10-15 minute after i stop the engine, it has a trouble to start without giving it a little or sometimes a fat gas and even if it start it slowly start to die down to point where it completly shutdown (from around 1400 rpm). Also if we keep pulling the gas, it run but the moment we let go, it start lowering the rpm and in every case procced to die down.

    We already cleaned the carbs (new o-rings, cleaned the jets, replaced those rubbers above the screws), and we replaced the followings:
    - Fuel lines
    - Changed the oil (there was fuel in it),
    - Oil filter, the battery,
    - Petcock (it was leaking every time)
    - Spark plugs (one of the was borken and two of them was cracked).
    - It also got fresh fueal if thats matte, to be mroe exact 100 octane number fuel (i'm from Europe), we also have 95 octan number fuel.

    In addition, as I can tell the airfillter is clean too.

    But even after this it still reproduce the issue every time. Anybody has any suggestions which we can check or what we can do next?

    Thank you for any help in advance.