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Fired right up, should I be worried?

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  • Fired right up, should I be worried?

    Just got the 98 600 out of winter slumber. Reattached the tank, forgot to remove battery (dang it) put it in prime for a minute while I grabbed the maintenance kit, full choke and after about 10 cranks she fired right up!

    Should I be worried? After 10 years of owning this bike it's usually a few hours to get to this point bringing it back to life after a long winter. cranking off the car battery, some gentle persuasion with starter fluid, cleaning carbs, crying a little and praying to God that it starts.. but not this year!

    Anyway off to clean up the chain air the tires and go for a quick rip! Stay safe everyone!

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    Nope... nothing to worry about at all. It seems you did all the right things last fall to set yourself up for the success you enjoyed with that quick startup.

    Good job maintaining that Kat!!



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