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  • Great to be back

    Greetings to one and all. I have been away for many years, but I am happy to be back now. Not sure if anyone even remembers me, but I did see some names I recognize while lurking and trying to remember my login info. Lol.

    Quick back story, I bought a 97 600 about a million years ago from my brother Crow after he had a little bit of an accident. I literally put pics on here of the bike tied up in a tree so I could rebuild it but didn't have a lift at the time.
    Got it all finished and rode it for many miles. Eventually decided that I was going to do some mods and stripped it back down. Had several bikes, rockets, Harley's, cruisers, you name it. Had a full shop by now and more projects than I really knew what to do with.
    Then, my brother Crow died in a very gnarly wreck on his busa. I just didn't have to heart to do anything with the Kat then.
    I helped to raise his two young at that time daughters and told them we would build it one day if either of them wanted to.

    Fast forward 14 years later. Briannalihnd has just joined katriders as the newest member today. We are going to rebuild her Dad's Katana together. I couldn't be happier about this. I toyed with the idea of rebuilding it a few times thru the years but just never felt right. Now I know why! I can't wait to get started and help her build this. The memories and the things she will learn and the connection she will have to her dad, and his bike will be priceless
    ​And maybe one day when my old ugly mug is gone, maybe it'll even have her give me a thought or two now and again.

    Super glad to be back!
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    Hello everyone, as Sly has mentioned above I am one of 2 daughters of his friend CROW. I rode for a couple years on the bike dad had bought for mom and us to learn on then found out I was pregnant with my now 4 year old daughter. I have mentioned to Sly Multiple times about rebuilding dads KAT. However, seems life has always gotten in the way. Fast Forward to now, My fiance and I have recently opened our own small engine repair shop and every day I come in to help around the shop to just feel avoid. As if l I should be building something of my own that means something. Though I was very young (8) when dad passed in his accident, I remember him and everything about him as if he is still here. After a long time thinking I have came to Sly for help in rebuilding dads bike in an effort to have something on the road that is in remembrance of my dad. With that being said I am in full search for EVERYTHING to rebuild this bike. We have the frame. I am hopefully to find black plastics so we can paint them our own little way for dad. I can not wait to put my two babies that remind me dad on the bike with me. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated i've been out of the motorcycle world for a few years and cannot wait to finally be back on two wheels.


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      Welcome back. I see your join date appears as 2004.
      2006 750


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        We still have lots of information, things just a bit slower than they used to be.

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