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New member looking at a 2001 Katana

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  • New member looking at a 2001 Katana

    I'm brand new here. Just found this site. Never even knew it existed. I dont currently have a Katana but am looking at a 2001 600cc model tomorrow.

    I'm an active member over on and have been riding dualsports and dirt bikes for many years. If I pick up the Katana tomorrow, it will be my first street only bike.

    Anyway, I'm wondering what you all thought would be a fair price for the bike I'm looking at. 2001 model, appears to be stock, good condition, clear title, 11000 miles, no apparent fairing damage except a few scratches. According to the seller the only thing wrong with it is the fuel gauge doesn't work. Any idea what a fair price would be? I'm in Washington State.

    Thanks. If I get the bike I'm sure I'll be on this forum a lot.

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    Well, I ended up picking it up for $1200. I think it was a pretty good deal. Runs great and I'm happy with it.


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      Sounds good. Be safe. Really low miles.
      2006 750


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        Congratulations Skid. I have had a 2000 Kat 600 since it was new. Not as fast as a GSX'r but way more comfortable on a ride. Enjoy.

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