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New member, looking into 750

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  • New member, looking into 750

    I have been looking around for maybe a collectable. I ride a Vstrom 1000 and just picked up a NT700V. I have had several bikes in the past and about 7 years ago I picked up a Kat 600 for my son to ride with me. Kept it about a year and sold it because he moved. I have read a few articles about the 750 beeing a bike that may be a collectable in the future. My uncle has a MZ Scorpion, rare bike, excellent shape. Fun to ride but short distance only for me because of the lean over and pressure on the wrists. The 600 was the same way for me and I have read the 750 is not as rough on the wrists. So a few questions, do you think the 750 will be a collectable? Is the 750 more comfortable ? The 600 was fun to ride but only for a short ride. Thanks for any input or tips. Oh I also owned a FZ6, awesome ride, Fjr, another awesome ride and 2 cruisers in the recent past. Wife has a problem why I keep shuffling bikes. So do I. LOL.

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    I don't think it will be collectible and the clip on bars will make you support your weight on your wrists, but it is a Suzuki so it has that going for it.