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1993 Katana 600 as first bike

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  • 1993 Katana 600 as first bike

    Hi all

    Your input to this question will be extremely helpful. I am about to buy my first bike, I rode dirt bikes when younger and can handle a bike ok. My inexperience is in navigating traffic on roads etc which I will do gradually and cautiously. Anyhow, I am 6"3 and 225 so a 600cc bike is fine for me, I cannot even fit on something smaller anyway. The question I have is for trips around town, or up to maybe 50 miles a way, is a 93 katana 600 a good bike for me? I want something I can control, corner well with, maneuver in low speeds if needed, and that is not terribly uncomfortable. It seems the Katana is not super sport, so the seating position although not cruiser style, is still more upright than some more aggressive sportsbikes, which is good from my perspective. Anyhow any insight would be super appreciated. The bike I have in mind runs well and has been maintained, even though it is old.

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    It's not light. Everything else it's a really good bike for.

    It's just not light.

    If your okay with the weight, learn to handle the weight.... it's a good first bike.

    93 750 Kat

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      Your a big dude for a 600 I would get a 750 or when you get comfortable and start hammering on it you will lose to everyone on a 600 that is smaller then you just my opinion but I hate losing lol


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        It would make a great first bike. Just take things slow, make sure you get all the proper gear ( please no flip flops) and be prepared to spend some $$ on upgrades and maintenance on an aged kat