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  • Mileage

    Hi, I have a 1996 750 Katana. I had been having trouble with poor mileage and have had the carbs re-tuned by a shop. The bike runs much much better, but I would like to verify that I am getting good mileage. I get about 200 km (124 miles) per tank, driving on country highways. I do drive over the speed limit, probably averaging 100 km/h or so. Does this seem about right?

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    I get around 200k till reserve and look to fill up with @ 10-12 lt depending on riding style 89 (short stroke) roughly 13-13.5k/l town and 15-17 k/l country (sometimes spirited cruising) anywhere around 40 to 50 mpg is somewhere around the mark. one recent country fast cruise ride hit 177k and filled up with 10 lt's even
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      Thanks for the response. Looks like I'm in the correct range. I do have my moments when the speedo needle is quite a bit past 100. I try my best to keep the rpms down, but sometimes it's not easy.


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        I've check my mileage serveral times over the years. The least I've seen is 49mpg, the best has been 54mpg. So I think depends on what kind of mood I'm in.
        2006 750


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          “Miles per tank” is a pretty inaccurate guess. Get an accurate mpg number, fill up your tank to the top. This requires a little tapping towards the end to burp out air.Reset odometer.
          After most of the fuel is used up, fill it up again to the top , divide the number on the odometer with gallons of fuel purchased.