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airbox to restrictive? solved i was an idiot it was my coil /coils

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  • airbox to restrictive? solved i was an idiot it was my coil /coils

    hey guys wondering if someone could point me in the right direction i have an 88 kat 600 i bought it when i was 16 and it sort of sat as i moved out shortly after but by the time i got to it again i was 25 im 26 now my issue is when i have the airbox on it wont rev past 6 or so it just gets there and holds it but if i take the air filter out and pull off the crank vent and airbox drain to let it get more air it revs up a little better but still gets stuck at like 7 but if i take the airbox off comepletely itll rev all the way up just has tons of flat spots and if i put pods on itll rev up the whole way and run great on topend but obviously runs like crap at lower rpms the 88 came stock with 5 slot needs my needles are on the 1st position my main jets are 135 and 137.5 and my pilots are 40s my fuel screws ive tried at 2.25 and 2.75 with the airbox on with no change at all in performance and when i tried my pods with my fuel screws on 3 the had good top end but way to choppy at lower rpms i obviously want to use my airbox and not the pods can anyone offer some insight ?
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    Have you actually completely disassembled the carbs, let them soak and then cleaned them? Sounds like a dirty carb issue to me.

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      one of the coil wires was loose and the carb butterfly for #1 cylinder needed to be adjusted the pipe wasnt getting hot it helped alot after the adjustment, ill hook my manometer up after i put my airbox back on , i have lots of pictures when i find a pic host ill upload them
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