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1990 GSX750F clutch slip after engine rebuild - oil cooler? Thoughts?

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  • 1990 GSX750F clutch slip after engine rebuild - oil cooler? Thoughts?

    Following a total engine rebuild Ive had clutch slip starting at 4 thousand rpm. The engine has been rebuilt by a UK specialist no modifications. I first filled the bike with a motorcycle mineral oil (recommended for running in) and got clutch slip. I inspected the clutch plates and although within tolerance I decided to renew the plates with a good quality Surflex clutch plate kit. They were well oiled on installation. I adjusted the clutch as per workshop manual etc and renewed oil with a motorcycle 10/40 semi in case the mineral oil was the culprit. Im still getting clutch slip at 4K rpm. I fitted an oil cooler with downward facing oil lines. This means that all the oil drains when the bike turns off leaving the oil level higher around the clutch plates at rest. Does anyone think that this could be having an effect on the clutch operation? I would welcome any thoughts.

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    I wouldn't think so, as the plates are already in the oil. Correct oil, plates still slipping... so I'm going question the following points...

    1. Are you sure the adj is really correct?
    2. Is the basket notched, that would cause the pressure plate to not fully seat?
    3. Are the steel plates discolored or blued?
    4 Are the springs out of spec, or have they been replaced?

    Those are the options that come to mind first to check.

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      Hi Krey.
      I'm pretty sure the adjustment is correct- I've followed all the advice on this site. The basket is a little notched but the clutch was functioning fine before the engine was rebuilt. I do have a spare basket so could resort to this if necessary. When I pulled the plates before replacing with new the outside metal plate was discoloured - which is why I went with new fibre and steel plates all round. The springs are new OEM Suzuki springs. I will pull the clutch and check it again. The bike has been sitting in the corner of the garage in disgrace for a couple of days! Thanks .....Neil