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  • Decals?

    Does anyone make reproduction decals for a 95' GSX750? I'm hoping I can completely re-decal the bike. The bike is black, decals are purple lettering with an orange backround. PO gave it a horrible rattle can paintjob and it's missing 90% of the factory decals. Anyone know of a site? I know that snowmobiles have quite the support for reproduction decals. I would figure bikes have to have someone remaking factory decals.

  • #2
    I got mine 20 years ago from and hey, they’re still around. They aren’t cheap, I think a complete set is around $200. Also, you might not find stuff that is identical to stock. For example , I got “1100” script that looks different , but I also have the big “katana” script for the lower. I also got ( not standard on Katana) the complete SACS script for the upper. Another bonus is they can make them in different colors too.