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Comparing bikes ....

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  • Comparing bikes ....

    I have a 2001 Katana 750 which I really like , I ride it every day to work about 75 miles a day , in the past 18 months I have doen 15k Miles .
    its been 100% reliable , fun and I have no complaints .
    BUT ........... I just cant stop looking at new bikes !!!!
    I think I really want a CBR600f or maybe a Fireblade , but if you read the specs on most 600 sport bikes the Katana has the same or better 0-60 and more torque

    has anybody ridden lots of different bike , including a katana 750 ??? hows does it compare ? My riding in 80% commuting on back country roads , never fatser that 100mph
    like to push it sometimes out of corners , overtaking vans , trucks ect . I have nerer had my knee down or anything , I like to just get corners technically correct sometimes if you know what I mean .......

    should I spend un neccissary money ? should I just get a bike because I want to ? I do really like my bike !! I dont have a garage or shed so bike is out all year .....
    help .......... help .......

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    I have a Ď91 kat 1100. Your bike is comparable to it as far as tech goes ( non water cooled , carbed, same suspension design, etc). basic late Ď80ís tech.
    I got a Ď11 Concours 14. Hereís what I noticed:

    1) perfect carbueration. Fuel injection is awesome, itís perfect , always . Despite having more hp and weighing more with a big fairing , it gets 10mpg more on highway. Iím sure that the bikes you listed will be comparable in throttle response and tune.

    2) handling- better suspension design , stuff like upside down forks, etc, give the most delicious combination - better handling and better ride.

    3) better brakes- think your brakes stop well? Try getting a bike with abs ! I love how you can stomp on the rear brake and rather than skid, it slows you down. I even have traction control!

    You did bring up 600cc bikes- that class is packed with tech and replacing your kat 750 would be like going from space shuttle to the starship enterprise.