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gas mileage and some others

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  • gas mileage and some others

    can anyone tell me the approx gas mileage they get/think i would get on a 2003 kat 600. could you also give "riding" style with it. ie: aggresive, etc.

    while on the topic. when does everyone change their oil?

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    changed it first 600 miles..then 1500 then 5000miles. As for gas mileage. I get roughly 50-54MPG. My riding style is pretty much cruising when not mostly blasting off the line at least as much as a KAT can blast.
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      thanks for the every how many miles do you change oil?

      just wantin to know so when i go ride it for the first time i know a rough ballpark as to what i'm lookin at mile wise for gas. thanks


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        Ditto on mileage, around 50 or so, change my oil every 2000 miles.
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          i own a 2004 kat 600 and get around 40-46 depends on how aggressive i am riding that day.
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            Originally posted by zleviticus
            i own a 2004 kat 600 and get around 40-46 depends on how aggressive i am riding that day.
            +1 on my 2003 600


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              My last tank I got 37mpg , and that was pretty high for me . Usual is about 33mpg . But my bike is far from stock and always seems to be having problems .
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                MD, is you bike a woman, sure does sound like it!
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                  i never fill up all the dunno. but when i ride in the summer everyday, i usually put in 5 bucks every other day.
                  if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.


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                    I average about 48 miles per gallon. I change my oil 3 to 4 times a year. First one being in the spring, then usually every 2500 miles.


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                      also depends on the climate too..for example if u winterize your bike, even if u dont get 2000 miles on it in the riding season, u'd still wanna change it at some point during the offseason too.

                      I ride hard alot of the time, so if I make 47 miles per gallon, im estastic !!


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                        i get 100 miles for every full tank and its a 5 gallon tank so thats bout 20 miles to a gallon


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                          thats it..100 miles ?? geez u must ride hard!


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                            My Wife's 02 600 gets 40-45

                            My 00 750 gets 45-50

                            Oddly enough, the 750's get better mileage than the 600's.

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                              If I ride 70 - 80 on the interstate, I get 43 - 48 mpg. I rarely go that slow, and average 31 - 34 mpg normally.

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                              After that, every 3500 as per the manual, or more often if it's been a while (if I do 3500 in a week, then 3500; if it takes a few months, I usually change it at 2800 - 3100).

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