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  • POR-15

    Has anyone used POR-15 to remove rust from thier tank? My morotcycle fuel tank repair kit just arrived today and the instruction don't really specify how to ally the treatmeant. As far as the marine clean and the metal ready, I imagine you pour it in seal off the holes and move the tank around to coat the whole ionside of the tank. As for the sealer, I'm under the impression that is is brushed on and that seems a little tricky, anyone have expirence with this? Thanks for the input. MOD's feel free to move this to another forum if I have posted it incorrectly.

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    We had a member who did I full write up on it; I think the stripper works like the Yamaha equivilent -- you put it in and wait. Double check the POR-15 website, give them a call, or just wait a few days (I ordered the same for my gf's Ninja 500; should arrive tomorrow and I'll figure it out).

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      I used it last year on a 20 year old honda tank. Works incredibly well. Just TAKE YOUR TIME. Give yourself at least a week to do it right. I used a latex glove over my fuel cap to seal that hole, then I used duct tape to seal the fuel exit. Other vent lines I plugged with fuel lines stuffed with a bolt. The Metal Clean I used over two days. Shook it around for a couple minutes, then let it sit. Shook some more a few hours later, let it sit in a different position. It's amazing how clean the inside will be after the MEtal clean. the next step is pretty straight forward. Then make sure you dry the tank completely before the final coating/sealing step. I used a hair dryer to circulate air through the tank. This is the ONLY way to remove all water from the tank. This took me 3 days in the evenings to dry it fully. then you're ready to coat it with the epoxy. I also used the brush to coat parts around the filler that were rusty as well. It works! Absolutley bullet proof once it's dry.

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