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Riding with my girlfriend

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  • Riding with my girlfriend

    I am close to buying a 2001 Katana 750, (my fourth bike) and am looking for some input (reassurance) on riding with my girlfriend. I live in Boston and am thinking of trips down to New York (210 miles) and have been reading mixed reviews about passanger comfort.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    My GF and I have logged many a mile on my 2000 600, she loves it, and she tells me that she is very comfortable. I ask her all the time, I dont want her to get to where she hates to ride. You just have to take frequent stops and let you both rest if you are going to ride any long distance, unless you want a gold wing a or something of the like. BTW, does she have some gear?
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      get the suzuki gel seat for long will be great.

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        Welcome to KR.. be sure to say Hi to everyone in the Intro. forum !

        My better half and I ride alot, and she's overall pretty impressed with the comfort. A gel seat would be nice, for sure, on long trips, but overall, the stock seat is better than most.


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          gel seat, +3. my ex really enjoyed riding with me, and we took some longer trips. but yea, the best i can say is to take frequent stops. like if you only fill your tank like 1/2 way or 3/4, then just stop when you need gas. or every hour or soemthing. and welcome to the best katana site in the world!
          if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.


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            Originally posted by 1BlueKat
            BTW, does she have some gear?
            Thanks for the response, and to everyone else, hearing from you all makes me fell more confident in this part of my decision.

            No neither of us have any gear in that I sold all mine when I left New Zealand (plus it would be out of date anyway) We will be buying the lot as well as luggage along with the bike, and any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. One thing I was thinking about was a corbin seat with the backrest for her.


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              Corbin are great...and the lady're too kind.

              tankbag, saddlebags...gear...all are discussed on this site.

              look for deals...e-bay...or even from our can get GREAT deals from


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                yup might canadian midget avatar dude is right ..ebay has tons of deals on does new enough.. keep an eye out for one of our vendors, speedwerks, as each month they will be offereing discounts to KR members on gear, parts, etc.


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                  Definitely gotta go with the Gel Seat...Fiance LOVES it!! Its a very comfortable bike and very capable for a couple of hours! Welcome to the site!!
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                    From what I hear, Corbins are GREAT! I have the gel seat, and am a very big fan of it. I switched out with a buddy of mine once who has just the plain jane factory seat. Rode with it for about 25 minutes. Hated it. The gel seat is so much more comfy. My passangers love it toO!
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                      Get your GF a bike, then the full leathers

                      I gel seat is the way to go, I dont have one yet but its on my list.


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                        or get your girl the full leathers first... then later on the bike.. nothing like a woman in full leathers.
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                          My thoughts exactly, get your girlfriend riding!!!
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                            Originally posted by zleviticus
                            or get your girl the full leathers first... then later on the bike.. nothing like a woman in full leathers.

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                              My other half loves the Corbin seat... and the optional seat-back at times

                              As for me, I didn't like the gel seat (it was better than the stock seat, but not by enough); the corbin is now down to like $220, so it's a cheap upgrade

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